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  • Porano Pasta

    Porano Pasta

    Vivian Karins, Online Editor

    February 3, 2017

    You might wonder what could possibly be better than a bowl of hot, delicious, well-priced pasta. Well, the answer is hot, delicious, well-priced, customizable pasta. At Porano Pasta, named for an Italian city where James Beard award-winning chef Gerard Craft found inspiration, that’s exactly what you can get. Ho...

    Homemade pasta with alfredo and pepper sauce, crispy garlic, and mozzarella cheese pairs perfectly with a grapefruit soda.

  • New year, new coach

    New year, new coach

    Joe Schnapp, Editor In Chief

    October 5, 2016

    One of South High’s winningest teams is the field hockey team. Last season the Patriots went 15-7 overall. This year the team hopes to improve on that record. The girl’s performance last year prompted the team to a Division One level team. This new division includes  Lafayette, Marquette, Ladue,...

    Members of the varsity field hockey team get pumped prior to a 7 a.m. tournament game. Photo courtesy of Natalie Sago.

  • Congratulations, Mr. Jauss!

    Congratulations, Mr. Jauss!

    Emma Gottfried, News Writer

    October 3, 2016

    South High’s very own science teacher, John Jauss, has earned the honor of Manchester Citizen of the Year. He was nominated by his neighbor for all he does for the community in the 19 years that he has lived and taught in Manchester. Jauss’ wife, Julie, said she is proud of her husband. “He...

  • Mudfest 2016

    Mudfest 2016

    Emma Smith, Entertainment Editor

    October 3, 2016

    In September of every year since 2010, St. Louis hosts their very own music festival: Loufest. Takes place in Forest Park housing almost 40 different bands with a huge variety of different types of music. From indie, to alternative, to even country (sadly), there is something there for everyone. ...

  • Cross country

    Cross country

    Doug McCarthy, Sports Writer

    October 3, 2016

    The new school year has begun which means the start of a new season for cross country. “Cross country is a sport that not only provides a great community for high school students, It also is a place for students to learn just how good of a runner they can be,” said Matt Roach, coach of the girls...

    Senior Catherine Franz closes in on the finish line with great placement at Spanish Lake Park. Photo courtesy of Cameryn High.

  • Farewell, South

    Farewell, South

    Liz Bruschi, Retiring Editor

    May 4, 2016

    It is finally time for us, the class of 2016, to go our own way. Each, graduating senior, leaves our mark behind on Parkway South, in our own unique way. No matter what we’ve been involved in, our footprints have been left on the ground, memories imprinted in our mind. We have grown attached to teach...

  • State of St. Louis

    State of St. Louis

    Erika Schoemehl, News Editor

    May 4, 2016

    Earlier in March, a Missouri State Representative, Mike Colona, proposed a bill to his fellow state reps. His bill was very unique, his bill is calling for St. Louis City the 51st state of America. Colona is the Rep. Of the 80th district, which is the Tower Grove South area, which is located within t...

Jonathan Burt: The Man Behind the Voice of Parkway South

Brynn Jackson, Features Writer

Auditions were held this year for a new student to hold the position as the afternoon announcer: they were looking to add personality and energy into the delivery. “When Mr. Hachmeister came over the intercom one day recruitin...

February 3


Coryan Rhodes, Features Writer

According to many students, roasting is an upcoming trend. Some students roast others on a daily basis. There are up incoming roasting Tv shows that roast celebrities and famous figures. While some see roasting as mean, Seni...

February 3

A cheater never wins

Jada Robinson, Beginning Journalism Students

Looking off a peer's paper, sneaking in a cheat sheet, copying homework or simply asking out loud for an answer. It comes in many different forms, but cheating is cheating. Cheating has become a very popular fall back...

December 5

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Sam Collett, Sports Editor

Last year Stan Kroenke left St.Louis with a hole in its chest. St.Louis had lost a part of us that had been going on for 20 years and had an impact to some that was a memorable...

October 25

Track 2016

Track 2016

Sam Collett, Sports Writer

From the first bang of the starting gun, the Boys and Girls Parkway South track team have been sprinting toward success this season. But they may have slipped past many people, ...

May 4

Tennis 2016

Tennis 2016

Sam Collett, Sports Writer

This year the Parkway South boys tennis team is acting the competition like never before, serving up a dedication to constantly improving their skills. Since the beginning ...

May 4

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The Little Paris Bookshop

Liv Salzman, Book Critic

As part of my series of reading books about books, reading The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George could not have more fooled me more with such a seemingly cliched title. With a title of such grossly...

November 4

Space! The final frontier

Josh Seipp, Film Critic

SPACE! The Final Frontier.  These are the words every fan of Star Trek remembers and never has a movie before captured the original imagination and spirit of the Star Trek flair.  For those looking for...

October 5

Pokémon Go mishaps

Hope Allen, Technology Critic

Whether you’re 15 or 50, chances are you’ve heard of Pokémon GO.  Niantic Labs’ augmented reality-based app was first released in July 2016 and is now available in over 70 countries; no wonder...

October 5

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The student news site of Parkway South High School
The student news site of Parkway South High School