Loud and Proud!

Seniors Ethan Schaefferkoetter and Isabel Yearian represented South at the all-state choir concert in January


Seniors Isabel Yearian (second from left) and Ethan Schaefferkoetter (far right) take a picture with other all-state choir members in the hotel room.

On the biggest stage, senior choir members Ethan Schaefferkoetter and Isabel Yearian sang while representing Parkway South.

The two were selected for All-State Choir and sang at the Lake of the Ozarks on Jan. 25-28 to show off their skills.  This is a very impressive accomplishment as only about 200 Missouri choir members were chosen this year. The two are a part of the 15 Parkway students selected.

Schaefferkoetter has been singing in a choir for over 10 years. When asked why he sings, he said, “I really like singing; it’s a lot of fun.” 

Singing runs in the family for Schaefferkoetter.

“My dad is a choir teacher at Eureka and he is a great singer, so it’s encouraging to be able to look up to him,” he said.

Yearian has also been singing for 10 years. As a kid, she remembers watching The Sound of Music.

“It was a cool movie and it got me into music,” Yearian said. 

Yearian said she also has people in her life who introduced her to music. 

“My mom taught me a lot about music early on. I also had two piano teachers as well as Mrs. Kaibel, my middle school choir teacher,” she said.

Yearian’s and Schaefferkoetter’s experiences at All-State Choir were both amazing. They both said that over those 10 years, it was their favorite memory they’d made. During those few days, they got to stay at Margaritaville at the Lake of the Ozarks and sang with the best choir members around. 

“There was a lot of talent there and it was just a great time,” Yearian said. 

Before a big performance, singers have to prepare. Performances take a lot of energy, and effort and can last a long time. Schaefferkoetter has his routine down. 

“I spend a lot of time practicing and I get a full night of sleep before. The meal I eat before is usually a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with ginger ale,” Schaefferkoetter said. 

As people involved in music, they enjoy and appreciate listening to the best of the best artists. Schaefferkoetter’s favorite singer is Whitney Houston.

“She was very talented–my favorite song of hers is ‘I Believe in You and Me,” he said. 

SZA, Novo Amor, and Chase Atlantic are among Yearian’s favorite singers.