HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey

I’m sorry, humans

Izzie Rigueiro, Convergence Journalism 2 Writer
May 31, 2023
A sign on the boys restroom in the world language hallway denotes that it is closed. Photo by Marci Townsend.

Bad Bathrooms

Marci Townsend, Editor In Chief
May 9, 2023
Athletic Director Matt Roach works at his desk on Monday. Potential open-enrollment legislation could allow athletes to move to schools with better teams.

New School Choices?

Marci Townsend, Editor in Chief
April 11, 2023
The view of CityPark from Isabella Tobers seats.

Go City!!

Isabella Tober, Newspaper Writer
March 16, 2023
Pride flags adorn the walls of a art classroom at South. If new anti-gay legislation is passed, these flags could be illegal.

‘Do Say Gay’

Marci Townsend, Editor in Chief
March 15, 2023
Spanish teacher Stephanie Vences instructs her 5th block Honors Spanish 4 class of 10 students.

Save the languages!!!

Athena Miransky, Convergence Journalism 2 Writer
March 15, 2023
A Pit Bull named Frost is in search of a home at the Animal Protection Association in Brentwood.

Bully Breeds?

Sophia Fredrickson, Convergence Journalism 2 writer
March 15, 2023
Dead as a Dodo

Dead as a Dodo

Izzie Rigueiro, Convergence Journalism 2 writer
March 6, 2023
Senior A+ tutor Kyleigh Barnett works with sophomore Kayla Robertson and freshman Bryana Robertson in Intro to Theatre class.

A+ Alternative

Ryan Winzen, Convergence Journalism 2 writer
January 6, 2023
Sticker Shock

Sticker Shock

Isabella Tober, Convergence Journalism 2 writer
December 12, 2022
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