Radical Ruiz

When he’s not teaching, you can find Ruiz on the basketball court or on the trails.


Mansa Lyons

English teacher Anton Ruiz works on writing an email during his planning period. Ruiz was named November’s Teacher of the Month

English teacher Anton Ruiz was named Teacher of the Month for November by the National Honor Society.

Ruiz is in his second year teaching at South High. Ruiz graduated from South himself and played basketball for the Patriots. Ruiz just got done doing one of the many things he loves–running a marathon in Indiana.

Freshman Max Bollinger has Ruiz for English 1.

“I feel pumped up walking into Ruiz’s classroom because he brings so much energy to the class,” Bollinger said.

Ruiz’ hobbies include basketball, underwater cup stacking, and running marathons in his free time. Ruiz also likes to stay active and hang out with his friends. He definitely uses some of that energy while teaching.

Ruiz commented on when he realized he wanted to be a teacher.

“My junior year of high school I was a sixth-grade camp counselor and I realized I wanted to work with students,” Ruiz said.

Students obviously like the idea of Ruiz as their teacher. Sophomore Tori Schoenberg explained what makes Ruiz such a good teacher. 

“He’s fun and he makes sure everyone knows what to do and finds easier ways for students to get done,” Schoenberg said.

Bollinger said he likes Ruiz’ laid-back attitude.

“I like Ruiz because he is chill and does not give that much work compared to other teachers,” Bollinger said.

Ruiz has such a positive impact on the South High community even Ruiz’s co-workers say he is great to work with. 

“He is a positive source of energy,” English teacher Dani  Whitcher said “I’ve been working with him for 2 years and he has been such a big help.”

Ruiz said he was happy to be elected Teacher of the Month.

“It felt great to be Teacher of the Month and it was nice to see some recognition from students that I teach,” Ruiz said