Seniors make South history by beating the juniors for the second year in a row, 21-0


Makiya Mahaney

Quarterback Annalise Dorr gets the snap from Caroline Knolhoff and looks downfield to pass during the Powderpuff game.

Having been canceled and rescheduled twice, Powderpuff was not off to a great start this year, but on Oct. 24 the weather finally pulled through. The seniors went into the game confidently because they won last year, and they prevailed again, 21-0, making Powderpuff history as the first class to win two years in a row.

Khayli Buckles, senior, not only starred on the tennis court this year–she also was a star on the football field. She shares how she felt about scoring her touchdown in the first play. 

I felt really happy and just amazed. It was just crazy to me that just in the first play I would get a touchdown. I have no techniques, I just run,” Buckles said. 

Shocked and happy, Buckles expressed her excitement about winning two years in a row.

“It felt different just because we thought we were gonna play 3 weeks ago, but once I looked at the plays it all came back to me. I’ve had fun since last year, and just being with everyone and competing this year was really great. I’m glad we won for the second time,” said Buckles.

Libby Morgan, senior quarterback, explains the differences between Powderpuff this year. 

Not as many people came to support and just the overall Homecoming vibe wasn’t there. But I am glad it ended up happening. Powderpuff is one of my favorite memories from junior and senior year, she said.

The seniors did come prepared to the game, according to Morgan.

“We had many plays and techniques that we have been planning since September. On days with aclab we all got together and would practice in the gym. Our coaches, the senior men, really helped us out,” said Morgan. 

The junior women fought their hardest and played their best, according to Stimetz. Junior Hannah Stimetz said she didn’t think her team was prepared. 

“We had a few techniques but we were still unorganized,” said Stimetz. 

Even though it was a tough game everyone still had fun. Who said? 

“I had lots of fun getting to see the junior class work on something together. Next year as a team we are all planning on practicing more,” said Stimetz. 

Stimetz said she and her peers are excited for next year and are taking the opportunity to prepare their team. 

“I can’t wait to beat the incoming juniors,” said Stimetz.