Fashion Forward

Patriots talk about the latest trends in fashion

Fashion is a big part of many students’ lives at Parkway South. Clothing items can express personality and can make us feel more empowered with our confidence. So many different trends and stores have gained popularity from last year. This is what some students feel about fashion. 

“I like the store Urban Outfitters because the clothes are trendy and they have graphic tees. Also it has a really big selection and records. I go at least once a month, it’s expensive but the clothes are very nice. They also have beanies which are pretty popular,” said junior Gracie Strobel. 

Throughout the years. items like graphic tees and beanies have become more popular. Strobel talks about how she gets her outfit inspiration. 

“I like to find outfit ideas from influencers like Emma Chamberlain. I think social media spreads fashion trends like streetwear and many other styles,” said Strobel. 

Some of the most popular apps like TikTok and Instagram give fashion inspiration. Influencers use the media to spread fashion ideas to their followers. Strobel talks about the clothes she wears to school.

“I like to wear sweatpants and sweatshirts; being comfortable in school is important to me. I also wear my yoga pants a lot. It takes me about ten minutes to get my outfit picked out and to do my hair,” said Strobel. 

On the other hand, it does take some students longer to get ready for school. 

“It takes me an hour to get ready in the morning,” sophomore Dru Ukman says. 

Ukman has similar ideas of the biggest trends that are currently happening. 

Baggy ripped jeans and baggy shirts or crop tops are really trendy. Also, sweatpants and sweatshirts. I love shopping at American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, H&M, and Target,” said Ukman. 

The stores that Ukman listed are some of the most popular places to shop currently. Since 2016 sales have steadily been rising at American Eagle and Urban Outfitters. Colors and deciding what to clash together in an outfit are important to some students. 

“I think that neutral colors, cooler colors and warm tones are popular in outfits right now. I also think mixing comfy and fashionable items is trendy,” said junior Ashlee Phaphon.  

Some students believe that old trends are coming back to style. 

“People are taking trends from the 90’s and 00’s and incorporating them into the fashion of 2021. Lots of high-top shoes, graphic tees, and muted colors are really in right now,” said senior Cailey Southard. Southard is the president of Fashion Club at South. 

“I was accepted into the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and the fashion club is affiliated with college. The club gave me many advantages and opportunities,” said Southard.

Southard said she uses fashion to clear her head and stop stressing as much. She loves to spend time designing and sewing, to show her creativity. 

“Wear the outfit, don’t let the outfit wear you,” said Southard