Podcasting Duo

Juniors Logan Carlton and Mary Murphy bond over podcast


Cover art for Logan Carlton and Mary Murphy’s podcast, “The Girl Trash Diaries.”

Could you imagine making your very own podcast? Well, juniors Logan Carlton and Mary Murphy have done it.

¨We started our podcast around the middle of January,¨ Carlton said.

Murphy said their idea to start a podcast came about when they realized how much they enjoyed the conversations they had together. 

¨We FaceTime almost every day, and one day we were having a really funny conversation. I remember Logan saying, ´we’d be really good on a podcast together, we have some funny conversations that no one else ever hears´, and I just said ´ok let’s do it´, and we jumped off from there,¨ Murphy said.

Carlton said their podcast, called “The Girl Trash Diaries”, doesn’t really have a focus–they can talk about whatever they want., 

¨I love being able to just be natural and being able to be myself. Our podcast holds a goal of always just letting the conversation flow, and that comes easily for me and Mary,¨ Carlton said.

Carlton also said there are some definite challenges to having your own podcast.

“I’d say the easiest part is keeping the conversation and content alive. It comes so naturally to us and the conversations are never dull. I’d say the hardest part is trying to get it OUT there. Trying to tell everyone you know to check out your podcast, and wondering whether or not they’ll actually listen to it. People are usually skeptical about podcasts, especially from two teen girls who don’t really know what they’re doing. In the end though, whoever does end up listening to it, any amount of people is rewarding,” she said.

Carlton said the thing she enjoys most about her podcast is hearing from listeners.

“My favorite part is probably the feedback. People that we don’t even know have reached out to us saying how much they love the podcast, and it’s so awesome knowing that our podcast has branched out way further than we thought. I also love making every episode in itself, just because the conversations are so full and funny, usually the majority of our episodes are just me and Mary laughing so hard,” she said. 

At press time, the team has recorded only one episode, but that will soon change, according to Murphy.

“Right now we’re working on recording our second episode this Sunday (Feb. 14). They run about 45 minutes to an hour, but I think we could make longer episodes in the future. Each time we record, we try to focus on one specific topic, and the conversations branch out from there into fun anecdotes, stories, jokes, and even advice,” Murphy said.

Although they have one year left to go in high school, Murphy said she’s already thought about continuing it in college.

“I think it would be super fun to continue our podcast into college. We’re both looking into different majors/colleges to attend, but there is definitely a way we can try to do the podcast recorded virtually together. It’s all very up in the air depending on how far this goes,“ she said.