Quarantine hobbies

Patriots came up with different ways to deal with the boredom of quarantine, COVID-19


Senior Carson Fairchild kept himself busy this summer with his landscaping job.

Were you bored during quarantine? Well, either way, here are some hobbies the students did during quarantine. 

Freshman Chase Kesner said one thing he did during quarantine was academic work.

“I usually never read books, but the quarantine was so boring that I picked up a book from my shelf that’s been sitting there for years and I started reading,” he said.

 Even though quarantine and COVID-19 has been a pain in the butt for most people, it also has demonstrated that people found new academic activities to do which will benefit people to try new things in their life.  Quarantine has given us so much time to learn new things and take on new opportunities.

Senior Anna Kornfield said she didn’t develop any new hobbies during COVID-19, but mostly hung out with friends–from a safe distance, of course.

“I hung out with my friend Brooke Goodyear [senior] who lived across the street from me,” she said.

 Junior Logan Knolhoff also did not let COVID-19 keep her from being with her friends.

“I did end up hanging out with my friends mostly during the summer,” she said.

Exercising and doing athletic activities during COVID was still very important to some students like sophomore Brady Lombardo.

“Yeah quarantine wasn’t going to stop me from playing soccer. I can’t just sit there and not play soccer because I wouldn’t be fit to play varsity soccer,” he said.

Coronavirus has given students a lot of opportunities to spend time with our family and many memories to keep in the books. Sophomore Alex Kim shared one of these memories.

“I had a lot of funny moments, but the funniest moment was when we pranked my dad acting like we broke the TV but really it was a 24-hour video with a cracked image making it seem like the TV was actually broken,” he said.