Nothing fazes Nathan Mesina

Freshman Mesina faced serious illness with positive attitude.

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Nothing fazes Nathan Mesina

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Freshman Nathan Mesina faced a near-death medical experience two years ago, but he doesn’t care.

Bedridden for weeks, Mesina suffered with not only Pneumonia and Meningitis but also a severe allergic reaction but he is completely unphased.

“Yea basically, I was really sick for a while and my mom was like ‘you need to go to the doctor’ and next thing I knew I was in the ER. Basically my brain was just getting too big,” said Mesina.

To Mesina’s surprise, he found out he was more than just a little sick. He was diagnosed with multiple serious cases that were also very contagious.

“During my time in the hospital I was kept in a contamination room and people had to wear special suits when they were in the room,” said Mesina.

Despite how scary this may seem to an average person, Mesina stayed calm. Even during the worst parts his reactions were nonchalant.

“I had to be in a wheelchair the whole time, and also had to get a CAT scan and a spinal tap and I was like, ‘Ow that kinda hurts,’” said Mesina.

When looking back at the experience Mesina isn’t able to remember much because of the strong drugs he was on, but he is able to recall a few things about his stay.

“I was basically asleep for three days straight but when I was awake I ate slushies. Oh and I got a cool blanket and cup,” said Mesina.

Remember the near-fatal condition he was in, he was asked if he lives his life any differently knowing he almost died.

“Nah, I don’t live any differently” said Mesina.

Because of how sick he was, his recovery time back at home was lengthy, but Mesina enjoyed his time.

“Yea I guess it was good, I just felt kinda sick to I just chilled and ate soup while watching TV,” said Mesina.