Einstein, Elvis and Picasso walk into a bar…

South’s Drama Department puts on Paris at the Lapin Agile Wed-Fri.


Hannah Esker

Cast members take a picture during the play

Einstein, Elvis and Picasso walk into a bar…

The Parkway South Drama Department is Making a big switch. After finishing its production of The Crucible it is now preparing for the absurdist comedy Picasso at the Lapin Agile written by comedian Steve Martin.

Taking place in 1902 bar, famous inventors, artist, and pop culture starts sit down discussing the philosophies and genius that shaped the change of the century. This comedy brings a new interactive aspect of the theater including offering on stage seating, food and drinks served to audience members. It is much different from The Crucible, performed earlier this year.

 Junior Frank Lindwedel plays Elvis Presley in the play. He said he is very excited for the switch to a funny upbeat comedy.

“This play is a fun time. Preforming or watching it’s a very cool interactive experience. It is a hour of a half of being taken back to the 1900’s with many interesting characters giving you a funny insight of the past,” he said. “Getting into character is not as hard when you have such a strong example but, it is hard with a comedy like when you crack a joke and no one laughs you know you feel flat on your face instead of a serious play when you don’t have to worry about getting positive reactions as you preform.”  

Another actor, senior Annie Novak who plays Germaine, agrees.

“I get the usual stage fright just before I go on but once I am on the stage with my cast it instantly goes away,” she said.

Many of the actors have experience with this type of comedy, helping with stage fright. A Lot of the cast also are a part of the comedy improv team 5 Finger Discount. The cast are very close which helps them bond but also has added some challenges.

“It’s a very talented group of actors; we were able to get lines memorized fast and start recreating which is important part of this play. Sometimes we do get ahead of ourselves while practicing and goof around for a while but we pull it together when it comes down to practicing,” Lindwedel said.  

There are many reasons to come see this play, according to Director Jennifer Forrest James.

“It’s a comedy written by well known comedian Steve Martin. It’s a play not rounded in realism which makes for a cool experience,” she said.

The play will be performed tomorrow at 3 p.m. and Thursday and Friday at 7 p.m. Tickets are $8 for in-crowd seating but for the “full experience” you can pay $10 to actually sit on stage

“Come and enjoy yourself. We want you to come and be taken back so you feel you are in a bar with Picasso hanging out,” she said.