South High Sweethearts

Couple beats the odds and stays together after knowing each other since first grade


Courtesy of Allison Bowers

(Left) Geoff and Allison at Senior Prom. (Right) Geoff and Allison with their children.

High school students have dated forever; however, rarely do these relationships last. Allison Sieve and Geoffrey Bowers, graduates of the class of 1999, are an exception to the rule.

“We met in elementary school at Barretts. We knew each other, but I wouldn’t say we were friends. I saw her again early freshman year in her cheerleading uniform and that’s when she really caught my eye. We started dating during our junior year,” Geoffrey said.

Allison and Geoff were together the majority of their junior and senior years and shared countless memories with each other.

“At our Junior Prom, there were a whole bunch of WWE Wrestlers who were staying at the same hotel as us. I remember all of use girls dancing wondering where on earth all the guys were….turns out they were all fangirling over all the wrestlers. They were good sports and took a lot of pictures with us that night that were pretty funny,“ Allison said.

The couple has stayed together almost since they started dating.

“We have only had one breakup, right at the end of the school year of our junior year. We had separate summers then got back together a few months after school started back up,” Allison said.

After their breakup, they picked up where they had left off, and were nearly inseparable, even when they were separated.

“She went to Mizzou and I went to Kansas. That was tough, but I knew I wanted to stay together. We both got to have our fun and meet other people at college, but I never met anyone who I even considered over her,” said Geoffrey.

After dating for ten years, and living together, Geoffrey proposed.

“I was so surprised! He had actually called my boss the Friday before and let him know I would not be in on Monday and to keep it a secret. After he proposed in a full tux at 6 in the morning, we went to a fun lunch with family to celebrate and a day date since we didn’t have to work!” Allison said.

Growing up together they had many of the same friends and knew a lot of the same people.

“We actually had a wedding weekend. A rehearsal dinner with 100 people and a big wedding of 300+. It was an 85 degree day in October and we had all our friends and family there to celebrate. We actually went out after the reception with all our friends and I was out in until the early hours in my beautiful bridal gown,” said Allison.

Both sets of parents were nothing but full of approval; even though Allison’s parents were high school sweethearts that didn’t work out.

“My parents have always loved her, and I get along with hers very well. They all thought we were a little crazy to stay together all through college, but as I’ve said, I knew pretty early that we were good for each other, so it didn’t bother me a lot. Almost 20 years in our relationship is as good as it’s ever been, so I’m feeling pretty good about my decision,” Geoffrey said.

The couple even had advice for high school couples today.

“I know the odds aren’t good for high school sweethearts, but I’ve never met another person I’d want to be married to. Marriage and children are not easy, even when you get along with the person, so I can’t imagine trying to get through it with anyone else,” said Geoffrey.