Teachers get involved

Science teacher organizes colleagues to attend after-school events.


Courtesy of Mr. Flack

Teachers in STEW attend a Parkway South event.

With STEW Club becoming a part of South it has quickly grown in the teacher community as a way to connect with students by attending after-school events.

The club stands for South Teacher Event of the Week. Physics teacher Justin Flack is the leader of the STEW Club. Flack has even started a sending out reminders on social media to give teachers who haven’t gone to any of the meetings a chance to join in ongoing to after-school events.

Flack talked about what people he wanted to join STEW Club, and what they would do while at the events.

Any and all teachers are invited to be a part of STEW. Joining STEW simply means that you come to a STEW event and then earn a shirt to wear to the next events. Currently, we have had around 25 teachers come out to events,” he said.

English teacher Melissa Gebhard also agreed with this statement on how she wants to come to more events.

“I just really enjoy watching kids do other things outside of school, and I think it’s a great way to connect and feel happy at work. I also really enjoy seeing the kids perform,” said Gebhard.

Physics teacher Joe Kochbeck also agreed with how he wants to see his students in after-school activities.

“I love to see my students when I go to these events. What surprised me though is that I never knew I had so many volleyball players, and I’ve never watched a volleyball match here. I also love to watch volleyball and I don’t know why I ever did. So I guess that’s a reason why I wanted to be a part of STEW,” said Kochbeck

But for the club, Flack talked about the meaning behind why it was important for him to form STEW Club, as well as how students feel when seeing teachers attend their events.

“I wanted to make this club for teachers to get more teachers to come out to games and events.  The past two years I had gone to many student events and was the only teacher there. Students really enjoy and appreciate the support of their teachers and I wanted to grow that culture,” he said.