More than just Patriots

For some, family time doesn’t end when school starts


Courtesy of Tatum Nelson

Senior Tatum Nelson and her mom, freshman secretary Jenny Nelson

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have one of your parents work at the same place as you go to school?

There are lots of families that have this type of situation at South High. Some students say they have it easier than other students at our school because of their parents. 

Freshman Harry Pendleton says his mom makes his school life better.

”Yeah, she gives me Pop Tarts in the morning,” he said.

However, Harry’s mom, librarian Katie Pendleton, says he probably doesn’t like it all the time.

”I’m sure [Harry] knows there are benefits, but I’m sure there are things he doesn’t like,” she said.

Freshman secretary Jenny Nelson said she loves having her daughter at school. Her daughter is Tatum Nelson, a senior. She says that even though she might only see her for 5 minutes each day, those 5 minutes are times where she gets to see her kid that not a lot of parents get to. 

Tatum said she agrees.

“If I have a test coming up, I’ll go to her office and she’ll give me motivation and make me feel better about my test, and she’s always pushing me to do my best,” she said.

However, Jenny said being in the building and in the community with her daughter all the time isn’t always the best–there are some awkward moments. 

“It’s not really awkward for me, but I might make it awkward sometimes when I give her a hug at a football game in front of her friends or yell her name down the hall,” Jenny said.

And Tatum also mentions how it can be uncomfortable having her mom in the building.

“Sometimes if she comes to a class that I’m in it’s a little awkward, especially when some kids in the class don’t know that she’s my mom,” Tatum said.

Jenny talks about how Tatum helps her do her job better.

“I know that when we do student activities such as planning a dance, I know that she’s going to go to that dance. It’s motivating because I know she’s going to experience what I plan. It’s also nice for me to be able to know what’s going on in the building so I don’t miss opportunities,” Jenny said.

Senior Chelsea Bles discusses how her friends like to visit her mom during the school day. Her mom, Michelle, is currently a long-term sub in the social studies department.

“My friends do come a lot to see her and it makes her super happy. We usually go see her in ac. lab, and sometimes at lunch,” Chelsea said.

Chelsea also said her mom helps her when she is struggling with work in school.

“She motivates me and pushes me through hard classes. She is always there if I need help with any of my work,” Chelsea said.

Chelsea said she is embracing the last months she has at Parkway South with her mom.

“Yes, I will miss my mom a lot when I graduate. It is really nice to have her in the same school as me and she has helped me through a lot, and I don’t know what I’d do without her this year,” she said.