Mario Masterpiece

Mario hits the big screen once again


The Super Mario Bros. Movie movie was possibly the most anticipated movie of the year. Releasing at the beginning of April, the movie starred an unusual voice cast that made the internet go wild. 

The cast is the following: Mario/Chris Pratt, Luigi/Charlie Day, Bowser/Jack Black, Anya Taylor-Joy/Peach, and Donkey-Kong/Seth Rogen. With this bizarre cast comes a bizarre movie. This is my review of The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

The movie is a story of Mario Mario and his brother Luigi Mario’s redemption and proving their worth to their father. After trying to fix a major plumbing problem they somehow manage to get transported to a different world, where the brothers get split up. During this split up Luigi gets captured by Bowser and Mario embarks on a classic knights tale.  Mario gets aid from Princess Peach and Donkey Kong’s army to stop Bowser from taking over the world and save Luigi from death. 

Now is this a perfect movie, no, BUT this movie is very enjoyable. I am a lover of Mario (The game not the man, I am in a relationship) and this movie gives a lot of fan service. From Smash Bros references to a full-out Mario Kart scene, this movie is overfilled with great easter eggs that make me gitty. The animation also makes me have this warm feeling that I haven’t felt since watching The Lorax animated movie as a kid. 

The voice acting though bizarre feels/sounds just right. Jack Black stands out as the best actor with his singing abilities. People forget that Black has his metal band, Tenacious D. Another actor in this film that stood out was Chris Pratt obviously. He didn’t suck as bad as everyone else was anticipating. They played it safe using Pratts’s voice because it’s not too obnoxious, and can still keep one’s attention. 

The main negative of this movie is the pacing, it’s too darn fast. Of course, it is a kid’s movie and dumb, stupid, brainless, idiotic, mush-eating kids are the main target audience. But that is no excuse for a smooth story. I wish they spent a little bit more time in the writer’s room they could’ve had a complete masterstroke. 

Now the question on everyone’s mind is does this movie beat the live-action Bob Hoskins Mario movie that was made in 1993? Well of course not, that movie is on another level. This new animated version actually took inspiration from the Bob Hoskins one, that being the fact that there is a portal to a different world. But the animated movie takes more from the source material than the live-action film. 

So at the end of the day, this is a good movie for people that love Mario and Nintendo. Watch it with your friends, family, and or pathetically alone, either way, you’ll have a good time. I give The Super Mario Bros movie 9.953/10 peaches