The Cows Moooove into Vetta

Seniors join together for one of many indoor soccer teams from South


Members of the Pink Cows smile to take another victory picture.

If you’re not busy on a Saturday night around midnight, you can find the indoor soccer team Pink Cows FC at Manchester Vetta. 

The Pink Cows are made up of some of the seniors from Parkway South’s graduating class of 2023. The Cows are composed of 20 players and are coached by senior Brady Lombardo.

The Pink Cows have had a lot of success, boasting a record of 4-2-1 at press time, and players like Brock Ramsey seem to have a lot of optimism and hope for the future of this team. 

“I think we’re going to go 6-2, because we’ll carry on the momentum we currently have and with the people on our team we’re gonna be successful, sadly losing to our rivals the Chum Buckets,” Ramsey said.

Senior Audrey Goodyear had some comments to say about that first loss of the season.

 “We only lost our first game because we were missing two key players, me and Madi Geisler,” she said. 

A lot of people agreed with Goodyear’s comment about missing key players from the first game. 

Senior Srujan Garimella talked about who he thought were the key players this year. 

“The best on the team is probably Audrey or Madi Geisler, especially because they are both D1 athletes for soccer and play all of the time,” he said. Next year Goodyear will be playing soccer at Ball State, while Geisler will be playing goalie at Southeast Missouri State University.

Despite their D1 talent, The Cows received their second loss to Sammies FC on December 17, 2022.

Ramsey had a lot to say about the loss to the Sammies.

“Felt like we were very disjointed. We couldn’t score; there were a lot of chances to put the ball in the back of the net that we didn’t take advantage of. The ref also sucked, clearly Sammies FC slipped him a $20 before the game started, but then again they’ve been terrible all year, except for our boy Oscar,” he said.  

The refs this year for Manchester Vetta seemed very uptight this year not taking anything from anyone according to Pink Cows FC. 

“We got some of the Posse to show up but they got kicked out; Connell [Metcalf] and our number-one fan Clark Menley from Valley Park got thrown out for yelling at the ref because they hurt one of our Pink Cow players and did nothing about it. We hate the Vetta organization for this,” said senior Srujan Garimella. 

Ramsey said the Pink Cows obviously have some frustration with the league, but they still see themselves showing improvement throughout the season.

“We’re definitely improving, but it’s less of us becoming better at soccer, and more of us getting closer and having something fun to do together as a team,” he said.