Headphone Hits

No matter what the genre or quality, all Patriots share a love of music


Izzie Rigueiro

Art teacher Eric Ludlow poses as Slash, the lead guitarist from Guns N’ Roses.

What kind of music do you listen to?

This is always a great question to ask when you’re first getting to know somebody. Would you agree that it says a lot about people? I mean it must, because why even ask in the first place? What I’ve noticed though, is how “cliquey” people are about music. Is popular music really all that bad, or do people say it is just to look cool?  

I do agree that there are some “diamonds in the rough” when it comes to top hits.

“There’s some pop I like. I like a few Harry Styles songs–not most of them–but a couple,” said English teacher Melissa Gebhard. 

Every now and then you will catch me singing a Harry Styles song, believe me, but I think the top 100 hits are overall terrible. Every song has the same pop beat, or hi hat over some mumbles, or the same recycled lyrics. 

“Their lyrics aren’t all that,” said Gebhard about Pop music.

Sophomore Danny Greenwaldt feels a little stronger about radio listeners.

“They’re losers,” said Greenwaldt. He said he listens to “more nuanced types of art” like Shoegaze and Thrash Metal. 

“I don’t think they care about music,” said sophomore Lila Wyman. “And also recent music has just sucked lately. if you go back in time, you’ll see that the top 40 hits are actually good. You listen and say, ‘wow! White people used to actually make good music!’” 

If Popular music is so bad, then why do so many people listen to it? I mean, if we agree it sucks, then why is this even a debate in the first place? Well, there is certainly a pressure to listen to what everyone else is listening to. 

Sophomore Micky Sheridan was definitely influenced by his friends when it came to his music taste. 

“I think they definitely influenced me because I used to hate rap,” said Sheridan. “I like it now, but that’s just because everyone else has been listening to that type of music. It just kinda grew on me, and it’s just fun.” 

But is this really such a negative thing? According to Sheridan, not so much.

“I think it made me open my music taste actually,” Sheridan said. Sheridan used to listen to classic rock when he was younger. 

Gebhard agrees that teenagers can be pressured to like certain music.

“There’s 100% pressure to listen to certain music. I think it’s whoever your crew is, right? I do think there’s always peer pressure,” said Gebhard. “There’s for sure some music I used to listen to in high school because everyone did, but I probably didn’t really like it.” 

But what other ways are peoples’ tastes being influenced?

“Whatever media people are consuming, whether it’s like movies or tv shows, they’re definitely gonna be more inclined to listen to more of that type of music. Media for sure has an influence the same way school does,” sophomore Evan Ewing said.  

Alright, I know what you’re thinking. Izzie, if all this music is so bad, then what do I listen to? Honestly, anything else–and I don’t mean it as a joke. I truly believe that good taste in music is one that’s well-rounded. Listening to a variety of genres is what makes a great taste. 

“It’s a way to connect, that’s why I love music. Music enhances every aspect of your life. It connects us all as human beings, I love it,” said Gebhard. 

Music really makes you feel things you’ve never felt before. 

“It makes you feel badass,” said junior Emmy Nance, about the artist Queen. 

“You’re missing out. Rap is pretty old as well, and there’s a lot of stuff that can be old and good at the same time. You don’t have to keep up with all the new stuff to stay relevant,” said Nance.