Escaping Ac. Lab

New pass will allow some seniors to leave campus during Ac. Lab


Seniors Ethan Wood and Mazin Nadaf reveal the new senior ac. lab pass, along with assistant principal Brionne Smith.

Change is coming to South High next year, and new class president Ethan Wood is all for it. 

During the 2023-2024 school year, seniors can apply for a pass to leave the building during ac lab. 

Wood said he is very excited,

I undoubtedly believe the Ac. Lab Pass is a step in the right direction for Parkway South,” he said. “I believe students should have the utmost choice at Parkway South.

South’s upcoming senior principal Brionne Smith agrees,

“I think that it is a good idea. I believe that Ac. Lab should be used for what students need, and some students do not need Ac. Lab,” she said, “For those individuals, I think it’s a good idea to give them the option of leaving campus so that other students that may need a more directed intervention are afforded the opportunity to receive small-group instruction during Ac. Lab. When we have to keep everyone here at school, even those that don’t need it, we are supervising students and taking away opportunities for students that really need small group and/or 1-1 instruction.”

However, not everyone will qualify. There are requirements that students need to meet before they can obtain this pass. 

Students will have to meet certain GPA and attendance requirements to qualify for a pass,” Wood said. “While I’m still working with the administration on the specifics, the requirements will be similar to that of an Out-To-Lunch Pass.”

There is also a chance of getting your pass revoked if you don’t meet the requirements needed, Wood said.

“If you either fail to meet the quarterly requirements to qualify for an Ac. Lab Pass, or fail to maintain the requirements to keep your Ac. Lab Pass, then your pass could be revoked,” he said.

Upcoming senior Maria Lewis said that she liked the idea of the Ac. Lab pass,

“I think the pass will give me even more reason to get good grades,” she said. “If I had the chance I guess I would use it to go home for a bit.”

Although having this pass gives you more flexibility, it doesn’t give you free reign. If you’re late to your next class you’ll still get a tardy. Wood said he doesn’t really care what you do with the pass, as long as it’s responsible,

“What students plan to do when they leave Ac. Lab is ultimately up to them. I know multiple students have expressed their desire to head home, either to rest or study using at home resources,” he said. “Others have stated that they’d love to grab a quick bite to eat, either by themselves, or with their friends.”

Smith has shown praise for Wood for his ideas and passion to make South a better place,

“I think that it is wonderful that Ethan is the new president,” she said. “He has gone out of his way to advocate for the junior class, and has challenged some of the policies that we have so that it includes student voice. He is an all-around open-minded, responsible, leader. I look forward to working with him more next school year!”

Upcoming juniors might also be able to get in on the fun. 

As of right now, Ac. Lab Passes are only officially approved for seniors,” Wood said. “However, I believe, as well as many administrators, in extending that privilege to Juniors as well, so you’ll have to stay tuned.”