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Adou, Lange recognized for helping at accident scene.


Superintendent Keith Marty presents Jackson Lange and Noah Adou with an award for Outstanding Character.

South’s Junior Noah Adou and Jackson Lange have been recognized for their character. 

While driving down Olive Blvd on their way to Parkway North for a track meet, both Adou and Lange noticed a car get hit and flip over. Without knowledge of who was in the car, the boys got out to see if the injured people were okay.

 “Our first reactions were just to get out,” said Lange, “We jumped out of the car and ran to see if they were okay,” said Adou.

 After realizing the people in the accident were their teammates, the boys took action.

 “At that point, my main focus was on how to get them out safely, I noticed Myles got road rash and had a lot of cuts all over. At that point, I just took off my shirt and wrapped it around his wounds to stop the bleeding. We asked him questions like, what hurt and if he could wiggle his toes until the paramedics came,” said Lange.

 Lange said he learned what to do in situations like this from the teachings of one of South’s health teachers, Dave McFarland.

 “I’m really thankful that they were kind enough to help me and that they knew what to do in that situation,” said junior Myles Mobley, who was injured in the accident. 

Mobley had some injuries to his arm, and had a concussion.

 “I just prayed all day; we went to the hospital to see him and we were just so thankful that he was doing well,” said Adou. 

After the accident, South took action to prevent this situation from potentially re-occurring. Athletes are now required to fill out a form saying they are going to drive to a game, or in this case meet. If not, they are required to ride the bus with the rest of the team. To take more precautions if any athletes who had not filled out the form they will be prohibited from participating in the game or meet. 

“I think that is a pretty good rule to keep students safe and I believe it’s going to be a permanent rule for the remainder of time,” said Adou. 

After the accident, the boys were praised and recognized for their actions. They were interviewed by Fox 2 News and also recognized by Parkway. 

“It felt pretty spectacular,” said Lange. 

“It felt really good that I helped contribute to my teammates’ safety because anything could have happened and I am just happy to see him doing well after this situation,” said Adou.