Knock knock…it’s the 90s

One popular musical group from the 90s was the Fugees, with lead singer, Lauryn Hill.

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One popular musical group from the 90s was the Fugees, with lead singer, Lauryn Hill.

Are the 90’s back?! Has 2023 run out of ideas in the fashion industry and world of music so we have to reverse the clocks and step back in time?

The 90’s were a decade like no other due to their unforgettable music and statement fashion that was just too good to forget. From the decade’s wide range of styles to the timeless appeal, the 90’s has once again become popular amongst today’s trendsetters.

During an average day on the street of 2023; the classic tailoring can be noted from every corner you walk down. From baggy jeans to oversized graphic t-shirts, these are at the forefront of everyone’s closet. 

The average style of most teams in today’s society consists of things that came straight out of the 90’s. For example, for most young women and men the baby tees, claw clips, and of course Doc Martens (along with other forms of combat boots) are the thing to wear. 

In the realm of music, more and more artists are looking to the greats for inspiration. With beats and flow starting to match but never surpass the forever powerful lyricist Tupac or the Seattle grunge scene back in full effect influencing the youth just like Nirvana and Pearl Jam once did. 

Musicians breaking the charts today were moved by the power of music from the 90’s for example, the phenomenal SZA gets her inspiration from the R&B legend Lauryn Hill or the legendary J. Cole gets his inspiration from unforgettable rappers Nas and Eminem. 

So the question remains:  Are the 90’s coming back? 

Well yes they are, people in today’s society are experiencing the impact of the 90’s for either the first time or for many others the second and it’s all due to its classic effortless style within fashion and music and the representation for a carefree lifestyle.

The 90’s have a special hold on the world due to the unforgettable way it shaped it. We saw new styles of music and clothes like no other that changed the faces of the music and fashion industry and made it what it is today. Brands took off due to their impact through the decade, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.

So many celebrities and people in the media became who they are in the 90’s along with the parents of many of us. We won’t be who we are without the 90’s so it’s only fair that such a distinguished decade makes a comeback.