Martine Ovlia

Martine Ovlia, a French teacher here at South shares some of her plans at the end of the year. 

“The only plan so far is to do a lot of traveling.”

Ovlia then shares some of the things she will miss after she leaves. 

“I will miss the people in this department but also all the staff in the school. I will miss the working environment here but overall I will miss watching my students become proud of their French and see them become so good in the language.”

Ovlia learned a lot in this time about herself that she will carry into retirement 

“I realized how much I care and I care too much all these years I work every Sunday so things will be interesting. I really care a lot, if there is a student not doing well I think about and it will stay on my mind, I am very flexible and open-minded, but retiring is a normal thing and it’s not that I don’t have the energy to teach any more it just gets to the point where we need and our students deserve need ideas and ways of inspiring them.”

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