Nail Master

Sophomore Darraugh Jones has her own nail business


Ryane Gibbs

Senior Natalie Watson shows off her new nails, done by sophomore Darraugh Jones

One girl who bumps tunes and takes care of her customers is sophomore Darraugh Jones. 

Jones is an entrepreneur running her own nail business from inside her own home. Jones is different from other nail techs because she’s very hospitable, creative, and charges reasonable prices. Darraugh has been said to be very kind and welcoming, as she acknowledges her clients’ comfort. She does things like asking if customers preferred music, conversation, or even silence. 

Senior Natalie Watson is one of Jones’  customers.

“Darraugh has great customer service; when I came in she offered me drinks and asked me if I wanted to listen to music,” she said. 

Jones said she always considers her customers’ needs. She believes it’s unfair that customers will pay high prices for a service she considers simple,

“It’s crazy to me how other nail techs will charge $70  just for acrylic. My service charge is usually no more than thirty or forty bucks,” said Jones. 

Jones began her nail journey when COVID struck in 2020, and she has been doing them since this past year. During her time staying quarantined she picked up the hobby when her mom reminded her of a nail kit she had. Eventually she began to experiment with different designs and decided it could be fun to start doing services. Jones said  it took about two months to get started. She eventually began to offer a freestyle nail service where she would do anything she wanted to someone’s nails.

Sophomore Mariah Baker is another one of Jones’ customers., 

“What sets her aside from other nail artists is that she has really great ideas. I let her freestyle my nails and she has very great creativity. She knows what I like, so she based my nails off my personality,” Baker said.She also continued to add how Jones would try to match certain colors or designs to suit her interests. 

Jones has an Instagram account with a link in the bio for anyone to click. Once you click the link you are eligible to book with her, all of the services she offers are listed with prices with the time length. You can find her @Chy.nailz_