Patriot Pets

It’s not all dogs and cats for pets at Parkway South!


Science teacher Jennifer Berger’s pet chinchilla, Smokey.

Do you love pets? If you said yes, this article is pur-fect for you!

Most times when we think about pets we picture dogs or cats. But there is a huge range of exotic animals, especially in the South community. Not all pets are fuzzy and adorable as we all know, some pets are scaly or have feathers. At South there are a variety of different pets students have at home. Like Geckos, Lizards, Sugar Gliders… etc. 

Sophomores Sam Duncan and Tori Schoenberg both have reptiles. Duncan has a bearded dragon, and Schoenberg owns a leopard-spotted gecko. 

“Doug isn’t really difficult to care for, since he sleeps most of the time. He’s really stupid though and runs into walls a lot,” said Duncan. 

Similar to Duncan, Schoenberg’s gecko also has some weird behaviors.

“Something weird Miss. Squiggles does is she licks her eyes, and sometimes when she sheds I have to help her since she struggles,” Schoenberg said.

Some reptiles have interesting eating habits. From eating spiders, to insects, and even tofu. Most reptiles are carnivores like Miss Squiggles the gecko.

“My pet eats mealy worms and crickets. But sometimes she doesn’t eat since she’s blind, and I have to hand feed her,” says Schoenberg.

On the other hand not only do dogs bark but so do chinchillas and sugar gliders. Lucina Cordero mentions the most annoying things about her sugar gliders Sugar and Peanut, is that they bark.

“They growl and will bite but they bark like dogs when they want attention,” Cordero said. 

Corderos’ unusual pet is not the only one who barks. Science teacher Jennifer Berger’s chinchilla Smokey’s barking is not the only annoying thing he does.

“He makes a lot of noise in the evening because he is nocturnal, he starts going crazy and starts barking” Berger says. “Something I don’t like is that he shoots his poop everywhere.”

Although these unusual pets may annoy their owners, these furry guys are still loving. But for Berger and Duncan, both of their pets weren’t the top choice for them. Berger is a part of the Humane Society of Animals and since no one took up ownership of Smokey she stepped in and took ownership of him. On the other hand Sam’s bearded dragon, Doug, was a gift from a neighbor.