It’s all ‘Greek’ to me

Patriots debate joining fraternities, sororities after graduation


The front of the Tri Delt sorority house on Richmond Avenue at Mizzou.

As the end of high school nears for seniors, many people wonder what’s next. Some students go on to college where they decide to rush fraternities and sororities. Some are against the idea and stay away from Greek life. 

The two most popular colleges for South students, Mizzou and Missouri State, have plenty of Greek options to choose from. Mizzou has 58 fraternities/sororities and Missouri State has 30 options.

Ryan Knowles said she isn’t sure what school she is attending, but she plans on rushing in the fall at a big school. “Rush” is the process where prospective fraternity/sorority members meet current members and decide which organization to join.

Her favorite part about Greek life is the family feel.

“Once you get into a house, you are seen as a family member, not just a friend,” she said.

Chelsea Bles, who will attend Southeast Missouri State University, talked about some of the detriments of Greek life.

“At more prominent schools like Mizzou, sometimes I hear horrible things about sororities and frats. I just dislike how normalized hazing has become and that no one does anything about it,” she said.

Despite that, she is going to rush at SEMO. 

“I want to get involved and make connections, as long as it is a sorority I like,” she said.

Alex Kim, however, said he doesn’t plan to join a fraternity.

“I don’t plan on joining Greek life, because I don’t like all the partying,” Kim said, “But, I know it’s a good way to get to know people.” He will attend the University of Arkansas to study business this fall. 

South High science teacher Brad Zerman shared his thoughts on Greek life.

“It is a good way to find friends, but I think it isn’t for everyone,” Zerman said. He is a former fraternity member at Mizzou, and said he enjoyed his time there.

Many students use rush week as an opportunity to see if greek life is for them.

“Rush week will give me an idea of if I actually want to be in a sorority or not,” Bles said.