Terrific Teachers

Students comment on their favorite teachers at South High.


Jack Henry Diehl

History teacher Adam Weiss works on catching up on grading on his plan period.

Whether you like them or not, you end up having to spend a lot of time with them at school. They end up making a big impact on your school experience, and many students at Parkway South have preferences for values in a teacher. Some like teachers who make you laugh and others like teachers who push them to their limits.

Senior Drew Heimlich talks about his favorite teacher at South.

“Mrs. Erehart’s definitely my favorite teacher,” Heimlich said. He has her PBAM class (Problem-Based Application Math) which teaches students real-life math skills. 

Erehart was recently elected Teacher of the Year at South by her colleagues.

“I was very honored and I feel so grateful for the people that nominated me and voted for me,” Erehart said.

Heimlich talks about what he values in a teacher.

“She doesn’t give out a lot of homework, so I don’t have to worry about being behind in her class. She also cares about her students a lot and connects to them on a personal level,” Heimlich said.

Senior Sophie Ellington says her favorite teacher is Chris Orban, who teaches College Composition.

“He cares about our education and our personal lives, and he’s easy to talk to,” Ellington said.

Heimlich said that he has friends in Erehart’s class, but even if he didn’t, he would still really enjoy the class because the teacher is great and makes learning fun. Ellington agrees with him, saying that she has tons of friends in that class but she would still like College Composition without them.

Freshman Alyssa Tiongson said she is fond of teachers who understand that students have lives outside of school, and gives them time in class to complete work from his class along with other classes.

“[Mr. Zerman] gives out some homework, but he gives you time in class to complete it, so I usually don’t have to worry about his work outside of class,” Tiongson said.

Freshman Carson Brandt discusses his favorite teacher he’s had so far in his freshman year.

“Mrs. Whitcher is my favorite teacher so far,” Brandt said. “She’s really nice, makes learning super easy, and teaches in a way that all of her students can understand. Normally I don’t like English, but she makes it fun.” 

Ellington reflects on her high school career, talking about her favorite teacher of all time, Adam Weiss, who taught her AP Human Geography last year.

“I loved Mr. Weiss’ class junior year. I had friends in that class and he makes learning really fun. He got along really well with everyone and we still occasionally talk,” Ellington said.

According to Brandt, Heimlich, and Tiongson, connecting with the students and understanding that they have a personal life alongside their school life are both important values for a teacher to have.

“Understanding that I have other things to focus on outside of school and being able to explain the subject in a way that I can understand are both important,” Brandt said.

Heimlich also said that he wants his teachers to be caring and nice, connect with the students, and treat you how you want to be treated.

“Being patient and understanding because everyone learns differently and at different paces is important,” Tiongson said. “The teacher has to understand that.”