Mod Madness

Students complain about not having access to some Ac. Labs.


Elisabeth Uschold

Freshman Abigail Eickhoff works with freshman Ava Bucher in history class. Eickhoff often has trouble getting into her math Ac Lab.

Ac. Lab is a time during the day when students can get help from teachers or get homework done. However, some students are finding that they can’t get in to see people, or even their own home labs, because all the seats are full on Responsive Scheduling.

Freshman Abby Eickhoff said she can never get into her math class, taught by Samantha Holt. She said the mods are always full, because kids just go there to see their friends. 

“Because a lot of people go there to goof around but I’m just trying to do my work,” she said. “I think that we should add more seats in ac-lab, because there’s only like, 25, and that’s not enough.”

Junior Ava Walters said she can never get into her math class either, in Rachel Allender’s room. Walters said she uses her Ac. Lab time very wisely but has struggles getting into the classes she needs to go to the most.

“I always sign up on time, and try to get into my math class, but it is almost always full,” she says. “I love my Ac. Lab time, but we need to add more spots, at least for classes like math.” 

Freshman John Tanurchis has a math teacher for his home lab. He said there are times he can’t even sign into his own lab because so many students have already taken up seats to get help.

“My Ac. Lab teacher is a math teacher, so sometimes it is hard to get in, since he always has students coming in,” he says.

Tanurchis continues to say that the easiest way he gets into his main Ac. Lab is by signing up as early as he can.

“I always sign up the night before, and I’m usually able to get in,” Tanurchis says.

Lastly, we wanted to talk to a math teacher who has students come in every Ac.-Lab. 

Math teacher Allison MacDonald teaches Algebra 2, AP Calculus AB, and Consumer Math 1.

“I like [Responsive Scheduling].  I can see who is signed up to see me before they get here so I can have some stuff ready if needed. I also don’t mind taking attendance each mod and really like not needing to deal with orange cards like we have in the past,” she said.

Macdonald said her Ac. Lab has never actually been completely full.

“So far, I have not reached capacity. I think the most students I have had during a lab is 22 and full would be at 25. Some mods, I only have 14-15 students as well so there should be room for anyone that needs to see me,” she says.