End of an era

Senior Kyle Brown reflects on his Patriot football career


Makiya Mahaney

#66, senior Kyle Brown, fights off a Webster Groves tackle to get to the quarterback.

Senior tackle/defensive lineman Kyle Brown has been around the block of Patriot Stadium once or twice in his career. 

Having played four seasons of varsity football and three seasons of middle school football, Brown reflected not only on what has been a positive start in 2022 but also on what brought him and his teammates together years ago. 

“I love being with my linemen. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else at 2:30 every day,” he said. 

It’s not hard to see why. Brown and his teammates have been tackling, sprinting, and blocking for 7 years straight. Of course, the scene has changed tenfold since then. Coaching changes, winning ways, and lifting have all changed the landscape of the football scene. Brown has been at the forefront of that change. 

“It’s vastly different. Being on top looking down, it’s different. I have a lot more respect for the coaches. It’s a whole new experience looking through this revolving door,” said Brown. 

While Brown has certainly had a lot of memorable moments to pick from, he chose one, in particular.

 “A moment I’ll never forget was at Parkway North, as a sophomore. I got the wind knocked out of me and gave up the game-winning touchdown,” he said.

However, on a more positive note, Brown said, “I had a tackle for loss for the win against Webster Groves.” 

Looking at the underclassmen and the next few years for South, Brown said he sees a bunch of talent. 

“You see what we did in just one year, these juniors, sophomores, and freshmen could be good if they put in the work we did this past off-season,” Brown said.

This season Brown is experiencing something he never has before–being able to say that he made memories and won games his senior year. At press time, the Patriots boast a 5-3 record. The last time South had a winning record to end the season was 2012. 

Brown has been a key factor for South these past four years and the numbers prove it. He has had 78 total tackles, 4 sacks, 1 fumble recovery, 36 assisted tackles, and 43 solo tackles in the past four seasons so far, with at least two games to go. For Brown, his junior year was his best with 47 total tackles and 23 solo tackles. Brown is guaranteed two games left of his whole career and is trying to make this season his best by suppressing his tackles from last season. 

When asked what’s something you want to tell your team after playing four years on varsity, Brown responded, “I didn’t try hard enough, I regret not pushing myself hard enough each game.” 

Brown couldn’t hold in his emotions and showed just how much he loves this game and his brothers. Crying and couldn’t go back to class after the memories from the past four seasons started flowing through. 

Later Brown wanted to add to that question and wanted to let his team know, 

“You can always give more effort, energy, time, and passion than you thought into things you love. But you never realize that until it’s too late,” he said.  

Offensive lineman coach Jeremy Houchins commented on what he’ll miss most about Brown.

“I’ll miss Kyle’s leadership on and off the field. He was always the first one into the weight room, and always the last one out. He’s also got a lot of fight and admiration for his teammates,” Houchins said.