Her reign is over

South students react to death of Queen Elizabeth II

On Sept. 8 Queen Elizabeth II passed away after a 70-year reign. She was the longest reigning British monarch in history. This event has pulled out different emotions from individuals all over the world. 

Prince Philip, the queen’s husband, passed away in 2021. 

“I’m glad they are reunited,” Spanish teacher Jennifer Sommer said.

The long-running tradition of England requires a 12-day mourning period for British citizens. Her funeral was the first state funeral since Winston Churchill in 1965. Only about 500 guests were expected, including world leaders and other royalty. Famous English football player David Beckham stood in line for 14 hours to pay his respects to the queen. All past United States presidents were invited, except Donald Trump. President Biden attended the funeral. 

Connell Metcalf, a senior who moved from London to St. Louis mentioned that he and his family, “had to wear black for 10 days and we lit candles every night for 10 days.” 

To honor her, the country mandated a 2-minute moment of silence for the whole country on Sept. 19: to reflect and remember all the great moments from the queen. 

Metcalf  reported on  his favorite memory of the queen. 

“When it was her 90th birthday. We all had a party and she just looked so happy and proud so I can remember that very well,” he said.

King Charles III will take over the throne as he is the son of the queen. In contrast, Charles’ son, Prince Williams,  will take over as King of Wales. Charles’ wife is Camilla, now called the Queen Consort. Charles’ first wife was Princess Diana of Wales but unfortunately she died in a  car accident in 1997.

Although there are deep feelings from those within and out of the United Kingdom, not all those are saddened by her passing. 

Senior Phoebe Murphy said she has not thought much about the queen’s death.“(The queen’s) death will not affect my life,” she said. 

 There are even conspiracy theories being heard throughout the States. Trisha Paytas, a current influencer, just had a baby. Senior Caroline Knolhoff said that “the baby has a birthmark on her own head, definitely a symbol of the queen kissing her head.”