Fun in the sun

Patriots have all different types of summer jobs


Junior Alison Stark talks to a group of kids before starting swim lessons at Manchester Acquatic Center.

Summer is the highlight for most South students, full of vacations, hangouts, and fun. But some students will be working hard. Summer jobs give students the opportunity to save up money and have fun while doing it. 

Sydney Buehrer, junior, works at Manchester pool and babysits on the side. 

“My job this summer is lifeguarding at Manchester pool, this will be my first summer working there. I have only worked a few shifts so far but I really like it,” said Buehrer.

Buehrer says that the hours are great and she really enjoys the people she works with. 

“I work with most of my friends and am excited to spend summer outside in the sun. It’s the perfect place to work if you’re looking for a job with a friendly and fun environment. I would definitely recommend lifeguarding at Manchester,” she said. 

Besides lifeguarding, Buehrer babysits a toddler for a family.  

“I also babysit for a family, which gives me the chance to make extra money on the side. I like to fill up my free time in the summer so I can make as much money as possible,” she said. 

Anna Link, junior, works at her family’s business–Amp Up Action Park.

“My summer job is working at Amp Up. My parents own the place so it is very fun for me to work there,” said Link. 

Link says that she does work there throughout the school year but has less time to work. So she works frequently in the summer to save up money. 

“I like my job a lot. It’s fun to work in a place where I am active and can always be moving around. My favorite part is working the ax throwing and ropes course. It’s funny seeing people struggling to throw the axes into the wood,” she said. 

Link also mentions that her hours are good and allow her to still hang out with friends after work. 

Alison Stark, junior, runs camps at Schroeder Park during the summer. 

“During summer I work the camps that go on at Manchester Park. Being outside all summer is the best part of my job and I like working with kids,” said Stark.

Stark says that her job keeps her on her feet and that she enjoys all of the activities.

“I run the day camp which goes from 9 am to 2:30. We do lots of fun things like t-ball, sports, and swimming. I like getting to know the kids and building relationships with them,” she said. 

Stark also mentions that it’s one of the best summer jobs to have because it ends early leaving her nights free. 

“I can’t wait to have the best tan at the end of summer,” said Buehrer.