The Curious Case of the Parkway Lunch Food


Asher Owens

Sophomore Ella Tebbe shows her disgust at the lunch she received.

Despite what you might think, when students hear “lunch food” at South High many don’t get excited or hungry, South students and teachers explain how they feel about the lunch at South High. With the school removing old lunches (snack bar and pizza chains) the feelings are not that mixed.

Sophomore Ella Tebbe said she thinks the food at South is universally disliked.

“No one likes the school lunch, I have not heard one person give a good review,” Tebbe said.“Because it’s gross and undercooked and burnt sometimes, It’s not consistent, sometimes it’s both frozen and burnt,” Tebbe said. 

With south joining other parkway schools In the joining of the Chartwells Program, most of the food Is usually premade and reheated, causing many people to dislike the school and their ways of providing lunches to us. However, not everyone thinks the school is to blame for this.

“We do not let our lunch ladies cook for us, we let them reheat for us. The problem is more significant than just the school. It’s not the cafeteria, it is that we are so controlled on our salt and sugar intake and we do not let them cook,” FACS teacher Evalyn Petty said.

Petty commented on what the school should do to improve lunch

“We would need lunch ladies who cook. We need to let them cook food for you. We need to let them have a limited amount of recipes. We need to make it reasonably priced once we go back to playing,” she said. 

With the schools possibly going back to paid lunches Petty hopes they make the food match the price. Some think the food is fine where it’s at. Find this out for sure. Do we have to pay for lunch next year? Explain how lunches became free at the start of the pandemic, and they’ve continued to be free this year.

However, not all students dislike the lunch food.

“I mean it’s not horrible; It gets a bad rep. There’s better food out there of course but the new tacos this year make up for it,” sophomore Max Niedbalski said

According to Niedbalski, the school bringing in the new Mexican section has put a little light into the tunnel for the future of school lunch.

“I eat it every day you know, 7 days, go to town on those tacos. Some days it’s worse but I like it,” Neidbaldski said

Unlike Niedbalski, some students don’t even eat lunch. Students like junior Alicia Jones say they’re rather just waiting to eat till they get home. 

“Sometimes it just doesn’t be hittin’. I used to eat the nachos up though, but the meat sometimes doesn’t be tasting like meat,” she said

Jones said she thinks Parkway has a history of changing up the lunches and it’s getting annoying.

“I don’t really know the real reason for them taking it away (snack bar), but they need to bring it back. That was the best thing,” Jones said.