Cor Jesu was only the beginning…

Varsity girls soccer has strong season, bright future


Chloe Dandino

Freshman Sofi Maloney takes the ball up the field in a home game against Webster.

With an overall record of 42-41 (excluding 2019-2020) in the previous five years, Parkway South’s Girls varsity soccer has successfully put some distance between the wins and losses. 

Finishing this year’s regular season with a record of 14-6, the girls are looking to tack on to their success next year with a mostly returning roster. 

According to Coach Kyle Forthaus, the name of the game is a well-rounded team with good teamwork.

The most valuable player on the team changes from game to game. We have a team of most valuable players, which is why we are having the success we are,” he said. “Our strengths are our leadership, team chemistry, being very supportive and encouraging, hard-working, and team defense.”

Varsity captain Lilli Mitchell and freshman Sofi Maloney reverberated with similar sentiments but still gave credit to players they felt deserved it.

I just think there are so many elements that go into it, because there are so many positions on the field so you can’t really pick one player. But, I think our goalies make a difference in our games,” Mitchell said.

Maloney spoke even more about junior goalie Madi Geisler.

I would say that we all are valuable, but Madi, because she makes really good saves and keeps our team on track,” Maloney said.

The team unanimously decided on their best game of the season. The overtime victory over top-ranked team Cor Jesu. Junior Goalie Madi Giesler was very excited over the win because she beat Cor Jesu and beat many players from her club team. South walked in as the resounding underdogs, and Cor Jesu had the home-field advantage as well as their Senior Night.

The win against Cor Jesu was huge for this team and very much deserved. There was such a feeling of joy and excitement throughout the team. When the goal was scored, the girls jumped off the bench with so much noise and happiness, and all sprinted onto the field to hug their teammates. There was so much energy!” Forthaus said.

This game played a huge role in helping freshman Maloney find her confidence during her first season as a varsity player.  

“The winning goal motivated me a lot because it made me feel like I had an important role. It also has motivated me because now I know that I can actually help the team sometimes,” Maloney said. 

Maloney proved instrumental in South’s game of the year when she booted in the only goal during OT.

“It felt great winning against Cor Jesu. One of the biggest games of the season for sure. Scoring the game-winning goal felt like an accomplishment, it felt great,” Maloney said.

The players highlighted within the article aren’t the only ones who deserve credit for the team’s success. Forthaus, Mitchell, Maloney, and Giesler all shared praise for several players who made their own waves throughout the program. Junior Alison Stark was mentioned several times as well as two freshmen, Sofi Maloney and Taylor Gerst, who started their high school careers by immediately being thrown into the fire of varsity. Mitchell was especially impressed with Maloney and Guest’s ability to handle this new, tough environment.

“I think a big thing is about confidence and I have to pick on our freshmen because it’s hard to start from–Club and high school soccer are very different because there aren’t necessarily as skilled of players (high school), but I mean it’s so much more physical and intimidating. When you’re coming in as freshmen with juniors, seniors, and some sophomores it can be intimidating and you might not have a lot of confidence, but I think Maloney and Taylor have definitely gotten confidence,” Mitchell said.

Varsity was not alone in their success this year. A strong JV team is looking to move players up next year to continue Varsity’s achievements. With a record of 14-0-3, the JV team was a force to reckon with. Mitchell spoke to her confidence growing before her own games after watching JV “mercy rule” teams right before. 

Although it didn’t come to fruition, she was bursting with confidence when asked about her aspirations for this year’s postseason.

“To go undefeated and make Parkway South girls soccer the most successful it’s ever been,” she said.