March Madness

NCAA basketball tournament brought out the passion in Patriot basketball fans


Asher Owens

Sophomore Duke fan DJ Lee shows off his Duke screensaver, featuring Jayson Tatum.

Now that March Madness is over and Kansas has taken the title, South students and teachers commented on their opinions on college basketball. With multiple teams competing and only 1 coming out with a win, the emotions were high and all over the place with the NCAA Tournament.

“I’m rooting for Duke because I heard It was Coach K’s final season, He was there when I needed him to beat Kentucky, just so I could make fun of my third-grade teacher,” sophomore Daniel Lee said.

However, Duke’s run fell short with a loss to UNC 81-77.

Lee talked before Duke lost about his hopes for the team.

“I’m excited to see it, and I’m very happy to see that he’s having a successful final run, hopefully, he wins it all, It’s like Gucci Mane, who doesn’t love Gucci and who doesn’t love Coach K, that’s why I want him to win,” he said.

However, not everyone tuning in to watch March Madness was rooting for Duke.

“I was rooting for Villanova and Kansas the whole run,” sophomore Noah Gbougbo said.

Gbougbo commented on who his favorite player in the tournament was this year.  

“If there Is one player I like watching it’s most likely Trevor Keels,” he said. Keels is a 6’5” sophomore shooting guard for the Duke Blue Devils. 

Since the tournament is coming to a close, teams that have been knocked out have still made an impact this year.

“I always love a good Cinderella story; every year it has one sometimes I wonder if it’s fixed or not. And then I do like to see the big teams making it to the final four but those are the teams that bend the rules on recruiting the most so I don’t think they deserve it,” Math teacher Ryan Evers said. 

Coach K’s Duke getting knocked out at the Final Four had some reactions as well.

“I think it is a tough way for [Coach K] to go out but I also think that there’s only one team that ends the year on a win and the likelihood that it was gonna be him wasn’t very high,” Evers said.