Dissecting Dave Richardson

Richardson is more than just a science teacher.


Do you know a science teacher who plays 6 instruments, met Adam Sandler and once won a silver buckle? 

For the past 29 years science teacher Dave Richardson has been influencing teenagers’ lives as a teacher.. 

“I love all my classes, of course my electives are my favorite. This year I have taught Bio 2, Zoology, Animal Behavior, and Medical Science,” he said.. 

Richardson not only teaches but also said he loves to coach sports. He has been at South since 2009. 

“I have been coaching one sport or another in all my 29 years,” Richardson said.

 Richardson coaches varsity field hockey and c-team girls lacrosse this year. 

He said he had advice for future teachers and coaches.

“Always remember that you may be the only person who can make the needed difference in a student’s life,” he said.  

Besides teaching and coaching, he said he has too many cool things” to say about himself.

“I play sax, guitar, banjo, ukulele,  piano and Conch shell. I won a Silver Buckle for mounted shooting (shooting at a target while on horseback), I drive a Jeep that is a stick shift. I met both Adam Sandler and Chris Farley in San Diego and a bar and was able to have a great conversation with both of them. I hit a hole in one at the TPC in Scottsdale, Arizona,” said Rich. 

Richardson said he wouldn’t want to be in any other profession other than teaching.

Senior Emily Whipple has had Richardson as a teacher and coach. 

“I have known Rich for four years now. I would describe him as lively, supportive, and faithful,” said Whipple. 

Whipple says that Richardson always knows his students and players’ full potential. 

“A good memory of Rich was our last game this year when he told us he was proud of us and how hard we played. Rich driving us to be our greatest selves makes him an amazing coach,” said Whipple. 

Science teacher Jennifer Berger has a room near Richardson and has known him for 11 years.

“Mr. Richardson is very passionate about the subjects that he teaches and designs engaging labs to help the students understand the material,” said Berger. 

Berger says he is goofy, kind, sarcastic, straight forward and very very loud!

“I love science and enjoy being able to present science in the way I want to. Honestly it was going to be a 3 year temporary job and then I was going to do something else. After 29 years I think I like the job,” Richardson said.