Bengals are about to be ‘Rammed’

Los Angeles Rams will win Super Bowl LVI


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Even though the Rams won’t be the home team, the Super Bowl will be held at their stadium, SoFi Stadium.

Sorry St. Louis Stan Kroenke and Rams haters–I predict the Los Angeles Rams will be Super Bowl Champions this year.

The 56th Super Bowl will be played in Los Angeles at SOFI Stadium and it so happens to have the Los Angeles Rams facing off against the Cincinnati Bengals on Super Bowl Sunday. Here are three reasons why I think the Rams will win the big game.
One of the most obvious reasons the Rams are going to win is because of the relentless pass rush led by three-time Defensive Player of the Year winner, Aaron Donald. The Rams finished the season with over 50 sacks and Aaron DOnald had 12.5. The Bengals will be trying to stop this vicious pass rush with an offensive line that has given up a league high 51 sacks–They gave up nine sacks to the Titans in their divisional round win. The Rams have one of the best pass rushers in the league and it will be difficult to think Donald won’t have an impact on the game when going against a weak offensive line.  

It’s well established that Cincinnati quarterback, Joe Burrow, is not gonna have much time in the pocket and his number one target, Ja’marr Chase, is being guarded by an all pro corner Jalen Ramsey. Chase has been a very reliable target for the second-year quarterback and has had 13 touchdowns and 1,455 receiving yards in his rookie season.  Bengal receivers won’t have much time to get down field with the constant pressure Burrow will face. The big plays, even to Ja’Marr Chase, are going to be hard to come by with an all-pro corner covering him.    

The third reason why the Rams are going to win is because the Bengals defense which is among the worst defenses against the pass and the Rams are a top five passing offense in the league. The Bengals are good against the run as they held Derrick Henry in their divisional round game to just 62 yards. The Rams are pass first offense due to star wide receiver Cooper Kupp who had a breakout season putting up 1,947 receiving yards in the 2021 regular season. The passing game for the Rams is hard to stop for any defense but defending against the pass has been the Bengals cryptonite all season. 

The Bengals have been slept-on all season and despite them giving up nine sacks to the Titans they did find a way to win and knock off the number one seed in the AFC. The Bengals have been one of the most clutch teams in the league as the elite quarterback play of Joe Burrow guided them past the Chiefs and the clutch nature of their defense pushed them past the Raiders and Titans. If the Bengals stay close to the Rams expect some Burrow magic but otherwise the Rams are likely to have a comfortable lead going into the fourth due to the receiving yard leader Cooper Kupp and the star studded defensive line of the Rams. 

I think this year’s Super Bowl will begin as a low-scoring affair, due to the nerves of playing in the big game. However, expect the Rams to run up the scoreboard after halftime. The Bengals won’t be able to recover from a big deficit due to not being able to get the big plays down field. I predict that the Rams win the 56th Super Bowl in their home stadium with the score of 30-10.