Spectacular Spider-Man

‘No Way Home’ is a web of nostalgia

Spectacular Spider-Man

*Spoiler Warning!*

Like the majority of the world, I have been anticipating the movie Spiderman: No Way Home, starring Tom Holland and Zendaya.  After trying but ending up failing at avoiding spoilers, I saw the movie. Was it worth the $20 dollar opening night ticket? YES! No Way Home held up to my expectations pretty well, and is most likely the best MCU movie and one of the best Spiderman movie. This movie broke records being the 12th best-selling movie in America; making over $1 billion. 

The summary of the movie: Peter Parker’s identity was released to the world and is framed for the death of Mysterio. After struggling with the fallout, he goes to Dr. Strange to make everyone forget that Spiderman is Peter Parker. He botches the spell and brings in several villains from different universes. 

What made No Way Home so amazing was mainly due to the villains from different universes. Willem Dafoe stole every scene he was in with his dual role as the scientist Norman Osborn and the notorious villain, the Green Goblin. Dafoe can really convey a mentally ill lune who has super strength. This is shown in a scene where the Goblin is getting repeatedly punched in the face while laughing his green butt off as he then proceeds to bodyslam Spiderman through several floors of a building. It is truly disturbing, but yet so enjoyable to watch the Goblin in control of every situation.

His suit is the same from the Rami verse, but in addition of a hoodie and sweatpants pants that gets shredded up to just a hood revealing his green suit.

 They also did the fake teeth trick like in the first Rami movie. The teeth trick is when Dafoe is playing Norman he wears fake teeth to give him a more charming look, while when he is playing the Goblin he shows his natural teeth gap. This gives each character a distinct look. 

Another villain that was amazing was Jamie Fox’s Electro. Last seen in The Amazing Spiderman 2, Electro looks quite different from his debut counterpart. Instead of some nerd with a combover that turns blue, he has a fade and Tims. He also shoots yellow lighting bolts. The movie blames the change on the different universe mumbo jumbo, and you could say this is lazy writing, but who cares? The studio is righting the characters wrongs and I’m 100% on board. 

The “villain” I enjoyed the most seeing on the big screen was Doctor Octavious played by Alfred Molina. Like most Spiderman fanboys, I believe Doc Ock was the best villain in the Rami verse and to see him in this film made me so giddy.

The other two villains that made their return were the Sandman and the Lizard. They did not play a big role in the movie like the other villains. The characters weren’t really expanded upon and they were just there to have a big fight scene. In actuality they reused clips from other movies since they couldn’t get the original actors. It’s sad, but what can you do?

Even though I just named all those amazing villains; the ACTUAL best villain in the film was j jonah jameson. In the Raimi movies he was played more as comical relief, but in No way Home he plays the Alex Jones podcaster type character, as he slanders Spiderman when Spiderman is at his all time low. They really make you hate the character with a burning passion and I love it. It was a perfect adaptation of the character. 


The red herring of this film was the rumors of  Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield making an appearance. The amount of leaks and photoshopped images that were on social media was ungodly. It was a roller coaster of will they or won’t they be in the movie. But I’m happy to inform you that they both make a return to the character. That information should already make this movie the top movie of 2021, but the chemistry between the Spiderman was just golden. Them talking about Toby’s organic web shooters was hilarious. And due to the chemistry, Kevin Feige, president of Marvel, is considering bringing the two web slingers back for the MCU version of Secret Wars or the upcoming movie Dr Strange Multiverse of Madness. 

The downside of this movie is minor but is somewhat bothersome. One, Toby never has any dialogue between him and the goblin. Toby’s most infamous villains never speak to each other. You know I feel like if I saw my best friend’s dead father flying around I would say something. Another thing is Ned, played by (BLANK), is magic for some reason. For the sake of the plot I guess, but no other indications in the other movies he’s been in that provide evidence for his magic. But he did bring us the entrance of Tobey and Andrew. If the movie was longer these problems would be fixed, but for what we got it was pretty decent. 

The last complaint is very minor (like most of my complaints) but is that this movie was supposed to be the sinister six adaptation… there’s only five villains.  You could say that Mysterio is the sixth member, but he isn’t actively fighting Spiderman by the sides of the other supervillains. That’s because he is dead. Very dead. Again it’s really minor complaint and it doesn’t affect my opinion of this film. 

Anyway Spiderman No Way Home is a must-see, as it is a modern day masterpiece. I can praise this film all day. I give it a 9.6 out of 10 spiders. I’m excited to see what the future has in store for The Spiderman… or Spidermen.