Located in the World Language hallway, the Zen Den offers a retreat for teachers


Mia Hadziselimovic

The teacher relaxation center lies behind the door, in room 2206.

Teaching can often be a strenuous and agitating job with no relief besides the end of a bell. However, just this November, there was a room added for teachers called the Zen Den. The Zen Den is a room where teachers can relax and take a moment to step back from their day. 

“It’s a place for teachers to decompress,” said the principal and creator of the Zen Den, Patrice Aitch. 

The Den was set up in an unused room on the second floor.

“The Zen Den has been out for a while and it had been an extra room. It was a computer lab and we opened it in mid-November. The Zen Den can also hold up to four people,” said Aitch. 

The room has various things to help teachers relax during a hectic day.

“The room has four patio chairs, two massage chairs, plants, and a station for coloring. The room also has tea, water, chocolate, a white noise machine, and the FACS  department made us rice bags,” said Aitch

Aitch said she has even  used the room herself. “Yeah, I did use the room. I use it after school and I sit in a massage chair and eat chocolate,” said Aitch.

Another teacher who has used the room is English teacher Shannon Lesko. She had been to the Zen Den twice. 

Lesko said the first time she went to go check it out was with a few of her English colleagues.

“The first time was to check it out! A few of my hallmates and I went up and were so pleased to see what a thoughtful space was made for staff. We drank some flavored water, ate some chocolate, and tried out the massage chairs,” said Lesko. 

The second time she went was to get some coffee.

“The only other time I visited was on a day where I left home in the morning in a rush and totally forgot my coffee. I was so disappointed until someone reminded me there was coffee in the Zen Den! It totally saved the day,said Lesko. 

However, there are still some teachers who haven’t gone to the Zen Den. One teacher who hasn’t visited  is math teacher Anne Erehart. 

“I have never been and have only seen pictures of it,” said Erehart. “I’d like to go through and just relax in the nice chairs that are in there.”    

Lesko said the Zen Den is a good addition to South High.

“It definitely made us feel special and appreciated,” said Lesko.