Grand Finale!!

Seniors Knolhoff and Sommer finish their high school career with 1000-plus assists, kills.


Kyra Gray

Senior Anna Sommer spikes the ball for another kill, after senior Logan Knolhoff gave her a great set.

One thousand.

That is the number summing up the high school success of two senior volleyball players, Logan Knolhoff and Anna Sommer.  

Knolhoff, who is a setter, reached her 1000th assist mark this season–772 of these came this year. 

She said she was taken off guard by the achievement. 

I was completely taken off guard, but I really just felt overjoyed to be able to get to 1000 assists,” she said.

Knolhoff’s teammate and primary target, Anna Sommer, reached her 1000th kill mark in a spectacular senior season. This year she led the state in kills with 569 as she averaged 5.87 kills a set.  

Sommer said she knew the 1000th-kill mark was achievable.

“I did know how close I was to 1000 and was determined to get it!” she said.

Coach Carrie Steele had this to say about the two seniors’ success. 

It takes a lot of work in the off-season to be the players they are and a lot of dedication during the season,” she said.  

Steele said she pushes her players to do their very best. 

“I have pushed them both incredibly hard and they have met that challenge,” Steele said. 

Sommer will be continuing her volleyball career at the University of South Carolina, Aiken. 

“Anna has always wanted to play volleyball in college and I am super proud she has worked really hard to reach that,” Coach Steele said.

Sommer said she is excited to take her volleyball skills to the next level.

“I feel it will definitely be a transition from high school volleyball to college volleyball but I feel it will go better since I have been playing for so long and at the top level.”

Knolhoff said there are a lot of things she will miss about playing volleyball at South High.

“My favorite thing about volleyball would definitely be my teammates. They have made me love the sport and they make playing so fun,” she said. 

Steele highlights the connection and importance of any good team. 

“That is what I love about any team sport–it’s not about the individual, it’s about the people around them. Everything on the court is so inter-connected and it’s about the team. Anna and Logan are great teammates.“