New entertainment option for Patriots

Comic book store opens up in Ballwin.


Let’s be honest, the Ballwin/Manchester area is boring. Entertainment is slim to none. 

¨You kids are so spoiled, back in my day all we had was a rope.¨ 

Shut up. People have evolved since the stone age. We teenagers require places to go, like pawn shops and record stores. Sadly most of those shops are in the city, and the city is not easily accessible to the common teenager.  

Luckily that has all changed. (Que in the tumbleweed) On Big Bend, by the Lazy River Grill, there is a new sheriff in town. Altered State Comics. This is a new chapter in the world of entertainment in Ballwin/Manchester. Complete game changer. This comic book shop had a quiet opening at the beginning of October. The store features local artwork on the walls and an arcade machine. 

They sell comic books (obviously) that range from $1 to $50. They have all sorts of comics, like the main brands Marvel, Image, and DC. On my first visit I purchased a Daredevil comic. They also sell collectibles like funko pops, figures, and other pop culture memorabilia.

 In the near future, Altered State will be hosting game nights, live shows, and etc. So stay tuned for that. 

  The owners, Brandon Forrest and Jon Brunts, have a podcast that they started in early 2019. On their podcast, they discuss films, tv shows, and other media. Recently they had their 100th episode where Brandon gives us the history of the Altered State name and how they acquired the shop. You can listen to ¨Altered State Podcast¨ on Spotify and Apple podcast. 

The take-away from this brief piece is that you can now relieve your boredom by visiting Altered State comics on Big Bend. It is open Monday through Saturday 11am-7pm, Wednesday 10am-8pm, Sunday 12 p.m.-5 p.m. Also, go listen to their podcast ¨Altered State¨ on Spotify and Apple podcast if you enjoy being cool.