Prom Problems

Some seniors advocate for senior-only outdoor event


Senior Taron Jones has the time of his life at the 2019 Prom, which was the last Prom South has held.

From Zoom classes and canceled social events to interesting safety restrictions and guidelines, these past few years have brought some unique experiences to many high school students. Events such as Graduation and Prom were already canceled back in May of 2020. The last time events like these took place was back in 2019. 

Although traditional high school events like Homecoming and football games have already been canceled throughout the 2020-2021 school year, spring is quickly approaching in the next few days, and many students, especially seniors, worry about one more event–Prom. Will it even be held in-person? Should it be held in-person? Seniors and administrators give their opinions on this topic. 

Senior Margo Nelson said she started a petition in an attempt to convince South to host a Prom this year.

“[The petition] asks for permission to hold an in-person senior-only prom on the football field. The Student Council and I have brainstormed ideas that were safe, but would also give students a sense of normalcy. Especially for the seniors, we have already missed out on so much and we feel a prom is something very manageable that we could do,” said Nelson. 

While many students seem to agree with Nelson’s opinion and petition, other seniors like Amaya Thomas do not agree with the idea. 

“The petition is a great way to get support for their opinion. Us being seniors doesn’t make us more deserving of a social event during a pandemic. Also, people aren’t really considering safety in their reasons to sign the petition. There’s also been some censoring of opinions which I don’t really enjoy,” said Thomas.

Jenn Sebold, Principal of the Class of 2021, gives her thoughts about this situation.

“I don’t know the details of the petition so I cannot comment. However, I think Prom is an amazing experience for those who wish to attend.  I am saddened that so many activities have been taken away from seniors this year, but understand that the health and safety of our students come before any in-person activities we may want to consider,” said Sebold. 

Although this year has had many ups and downs, there still seems to be a bit of hope left in the air, according to Sebold.

I know both Dr. Wilhelm and Dr. Aitch are trying to advocate to plan an event, even if it doesn’t look the same as it usually would. I am hopeful,” said Sebold.