Pandemic Paradise

Despite COVID-19, South seniors still traveling for Spring Break


An arial shot of the Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun resort where some seniors will be traveling for spring break.

Many highschoolers look forward to and talk about senior year spring break for years. 

Students find groups of friends to go with, book flights, pick a resort or reserve a house. At South High, many students go to either Mexico or the beaches in Florida and Alabama. 

This year, despite a global pandemic, many seniors are still planning to travel, even internationally, to get their “fun in the sun.”

Emma Ries is traveling to Cancun, Mexico with a group of friends.

“My friends and I planned this trip last fall and have been looking forward to it all year. We are hoping the new travel guidelines won’t be too much of a hassle and aren’t too concerned about having to test negative before coming back into the United States,” said Ries.

New CDC guidelines require anyone coming into the United States, including U.S. citizens to test negative for COVID-19. The CDC is also not encouraging spring break travel saying “delay travel and stay home.” This is also at a time when risk for catching new COVID-19 variants is high. However many students are disregarding the risk. 

Chris Johnson and his friends are going to a friend’s condo in Gulf Shores, Alabama for the week.

“I am really looking forward to a break from a bad senior year and eating some bougie food on the beach,” said Johnson.

Johnson also expressed his feelings about traveling during COVID-19.

“Just because a lot of seniors will be traveling for spring break doesn’t mean everyone is going to get corona and die. We have had no senior year memories and we all just want to hang with our friends one last time before we all go our separate ways after graduation,” he said.

As of now Parkway still plans to return to in-person school the Tuesday after spring break. Many are wondering why Parkway hasn’t decided to go virtual for two weeks following Spring Break. South High Math teacher Anne Arehart expressed her opinion on students traveling and returning to school. 

“I had COVID within the last month and I don’t like the idea that Parkway would go virtual for two weeks after spring break. However I like the idea that if a big group went somewhere they individually choose to go online for a week or so in case they start to develop symptoms,” said Erehart. 

Destin will be a popular St. Louis spring break destination, as always. Avery Britz and her friends are planning to rent a house.

“We are all paying about $700 each for the house, I am looking forward to doing yoga with my friends on the beach,” said Britz.

Sarah Dixon is also going to Destin with a senior group and says her friends plan to be cautious before going on their trip.

“My friends and I don’t want to have anyone test positive for COVID and not be able to go on the trip, so we all plan to go virtual the two weeks before spring break. I am most excited for just being able to spend a week with my friends after a disappointing senior year,” said Dixon.