Time for TV!

Try out these shows while you’re stuck at home during the Pandemic.


The Mandalorian is a popular series that can be watched on Disney+.

Due to recent events, the students of Parkway South High have found themselves spending a lot of time at home. What better way to spend time at home than watching some TV? But maybe you don’t know what you should watch? There is a lot of TV out there, after all. Maybe the sheer volume of choices is a little overwhelming? Fear not, the Parkway South Treaty has compiled a list of TV recommendations for students to view during COVID.

Number One: NCIS

NCIS, a hit tv series that’s currently on its 18th season, is a perfect show for those who want to sink their teeth into a large series. Following the agents of the NCIS, the team operates in Washington, D.C. solving crimes related to Marine and Navy Personnel (IMDb).

Some may find that while the show is easy to binge, others have been able to stretch that time out by watching it more slowly. Senior Drew Parker says about the show, “I binged the first few seasons and now slowly watch to enjoy it.”

Whether you intend to binge-watch it or enjoy it a little at a time, NCIS is the perfect show for those who want to invest themselves in a long-running series.

The show is rated tv-14. You can watch it on CBS, Netflix, and Hulu

Number Two: Alias

Alias is an action-packed series about a woman recruited by a secret agency out of college. She is forced to balance her cloak-and-dagger lifestyle with her life as a normal college grad. (IMDb)

The show ran for 105 episodes (2001-2006), and has a total run time of 42 minutes per episode. The show is described as a drama, mystery, and action series. It is once again rated as tv-14. You can find it streaming on Amazon Prime.

Librarian Rebecca Neil describes the show as “action-packed with a little bit of romance” and that she “binge-watched it.”

This show is perfect for people who want to make a small commitment to a show that isn’t too short or too long. Perfect for binge-watching, Alias is guaranteed to cure your boredom.

Now it is time for a rapid-fire round of recommendations:

  • New Girl (comedy), on Netflix: “It’s just a good, light-hearted show to watch when I need a laugh.” -Patriot Senior.
  • The Mandalorian (action/adventure), on Disney +: “it was light-hearted and baby yoga was a mood.” -Patriot Senior.
  • Dance Moms (reality tv), on Hulu: “That show never fails to have dramatic instances in each episode. The dance teacher is always yelling at the dancers or the mothers of the dancers. It’s quite entertaining.” Patriot Senior.
  • Pretty Little Liars (mystery/thriller), on HBO Max: “There is so much suspense and jump scares in every episode and I always make sure to watch that show during the daytime because it can be really frightening to watch at night.” -Patriot Senior.
  • High School Musical, the Musical, on the Series (musical), Disney +: “High School Musical the Musical the Series by far had the best soundtrack. Most of the songs were handwritten by the actors in the show and every song is special in its own way. Plus all of the songs are super catchy and unlike any songs I’ve heard in a tv show before.” -Patriot Senior.

So there you have it, a list of shows to help pass the time during the pandemic. Hopefully, this list is useful for those who were struggling with thinking of what to watch, maybe you wanted to try out a new genre, maybe you want to rewatch one of these shows. Either way, this list will entertain you for hours on end.