Soccer Scholar

Senior Alex Hunt keeps up the grades while starring on the soccer field


Senior Alex Hunt cuts into the wing of the field for an opportunity to score for his Lou Fusz soccer team.

Can you imagine playing a sport year-round, having straight A’s, and still having time to game and to enjoy your favorite hobbies? 

Senior Alex Hunt is that person. Hunt always keeps himself busy with school and soccer. Hunt has been playing soccer since the age of 7 and he played a huge role for his club team Lou Fusz Limpert, and his varsity soccer team at Parkway South. Hunt played varsity all four years of high school and scored a total of 38 goals, and also assisted in 14 goals. 

“It was an amazing experience playing varsity all four years because I got to play with four different amazing groups of seniors every single year,” Hunt said. 

One of his high school soccer highlights occurred on December 13, 2020. That morning he woke up to a surprise, and it was on Instagram. A famous Instagram soccer account called @Overtimefc posted Hunt’s goal against Parkway West. The post went viral. The @Overtimefc  Instagram account has 500,000 followers and 60,000 people viewed the video.  

“At first I thought it was fake until I saw all my friends from school repost it on their stories and I was in shock for a second because @Overtimefc is one of my favorite Instagram accounts,” Hunt said.

Even though Hunt has a huge talent for soccer, he is also an excellent student. Hunt’s cumulative GPA is 4.357. Hunt has also been in the National Honor Society for two years. He also took three AP classes his junior year, and four his senior year.

“I usually study right after school so I can get everything done before I go to soccer practice at night, or play some video games with my friends,” Hunt said.

An addition to Hunt’s schedule, he plays the video games CSGO, Fifa, and Rocket League. Alex is really competitive and serious about his video games and actually plays competitive Rocket League. He is ranked on the top 2% in Rocket League which just puts him right under grand champions where you can start making earnings from playing. Hunt loves playing with his friends from school, and other players online.

“I play video games in my free time, but I started to play it competitively with my friends around eight grade, so I started playing more and more in my free time,” Hunt said.