Learning in your PJs

Students and the virtual learning dress code


Sophomore Caroline Knolhoff shows off her sloth pajama pants during virtual learning.

During this pandemic many students’ lives have changed, but how has their fashion sense changed? Student’s not having to get up and even leave their room for school has been a big transition and has certainly changed the way that they dress.

Many students have expressed how virtual school has impacted their style. 

“I’ve been wearing a shirt or hoodie with PJ pants or shorts every day. I like to wear whatever makes me comfortable because it’s not like anyone can see my legs anyways. I showed off my sloth pj pants to my English class one time though,” said sophomore Caroline Knolhoff. 

There is a big difference between the dress code at school and virtually. Knolhoff explained the contrast between what she would wear during a normal day and a virtual school day. 

I wear random clothes that don’t match and don’t go well together for online school. They’re also much looser than what I would wear to school. At school I usually wear leggings and some shirt,” she said.

While many students love dressing in pajamas all day, others miss getting all dressed up. 

Sophomore Grace Smith elaborates on how she misses getting up and getting ready.

“Dressing up for school is the thing I miss most! I feel most confident when I express myself through fashion, and I can’t wait to do that when we go back to school,” she said. 

Girls are not the only students who care about what they look like at school.

“I do miss dressing up for school because during online school, nobody could see how absolutely drippy I was!” said sophomore Alex Kim.

A lot of students stay in pajamas or comfy clothes, while others dress like they would normally.  

“I dress like normal and don’t get too carried away since I don’t always have my camera on,” said Kim.

Since this virtual learning is such a big change for the students, it was for their parents too.

Sophomore Sophia Wheeler explains how her mother feels about the “virtual dress code.” 

Sometimes my mom will say that I should spend more time getting ready in the morning,” Wheeler said. 

A combination of students learning from home and not having their cameras on in zoom calls, has drastically changed the way that clothing worn by students is being monitored. 

“Teachers have said things about my outfit in person, such as telling me I needed to put a jacket on or pull my shirt down to cover my stomach, but no one has commented on my outfits for online school,” said Smith. 

Overall even though things have changed, students are learning to adapt. When asked about how other people view her virtual school outfits, Knolhoff says They think it’s fine and normal for the situation we are in.”