Outdoor adventures

With much of life ‘canceled,’ Patriots ventured outdoors more than ever


Seniors Aaron Bennett and Emily Paule enjoy the summer sunset together.

Being locked in the house can really be stressful, the only way to get a break is to go outside and enjoy the outdoors. 

During quarantine many people lost a lot of things: their social lives, jobs, their teams for sports. But through all of the mess people still found a way to enjoy themselves outdoors.

Abigail Bernath said she still found ways with the outdoors to have fun.“I would say that my favorite outdoor activity would have to be longboarding around neighborhoods and at Manchester Park with a few of my friends. We really got into it during quarantine when we bought a couple of longboards and found out how much fun it is. It really feels like you’re gliding/flying along, she said.

Many people already enjoyed the outdoors before coronavirus came to the U.S., but during quarantine people spent more time outdoors than ever before. Senior Sophia Auberry said she spends a lot of time outside.

“I enjoy going outside very much! My favorite activities outside would be playing soccer, going on hikes, swimming at the lake, and watching the stars at night!” she said.

During COVID-19 many people found new places to explore nature. Some found new bike trails, some found new walking trails, and even some found new lakes to go swim in.

“Some new places I’ve been to lately are the Katy Trail and Elephant Rocks,” junior Alexa Alcaraz said.

People find new hobbies all the time. Once everyone had to go into quarantine many people started learning/ enjoying new hobbies. Sophomore Haya Ahmed said she developed a new hobby. 

“I picked up skateboarding over quarantine, and it has been enjoyable,” she said.

Other students started practicing a new sport, learned a new skill, and some got creative and created art. Do you have a quote from someone who did this?

Before coronavirus made its way to the United States many people had planned trips to fun places for a family vacation or even a weekend getaway. Unfortunately, a lot of people weren’t able to go on those trips, but some people were still able to go. 

Junior Jaylana Ahmetspahic was luckily able to still go to Florida. 

“While I was in Florida I did a lot of bike riding and I tried to take my bike in places where I’d see the beach or some pretty view,” she said.