Need a new movie to watch?–I recommend Parasite.

Don’t let the subtitles scare you off–this movie deserves all the attention it has received


Now that Missouri has issued a Stay-At-Home Order, and we’re all stuck inside, we now have time to watch more of the great TV and movies out there. One movie I recommend you all watch is Parasite.

The movie Parasite is the first non-English language film to take home the prestigious Best Picture award at the Oscars this year. The movie also won three more Academy Awards including Best Original Screenplay, Best Director and Best Foreign Language Film. I think this film deserved all of these accolades, and here’s why.

                                    SPOILER ALERT

Before seeing the movie Parasite I made sure to look nothing up about the film so I would go in without any expectations. I didn’t watch the trailer, and I didn’t read what it was about. What I thought going in was that the film was about a virus or some kind of parasite taking over.

The movie takes place in Seoul, South Korea with a poor family struggling to pay the bills. At the beginning of the movie, the boy’s friend tells him about a tutoring job he could take with a rich family saying he doesn’t even have to have attended college–the mother would never know. Since the boy is aspiring to go to college this is the perfect opportunity for him to raise enough money to go. Once the boy gets the job he recommends his sister as an art tutor lying to the family telling them they aren’t related and acts as if she is the best of the best. Soon they manage the get the mother and father into jobs in the house allowing their family to have a surge in income. The movie progressed very well with smooth transitions between the beginning, middle, and end to where you could never predict where the movie would go. In the movie there were a lot of easter eggs that when watching back you see a new one every time you watched.

The movie is one of the movies where you leave thinking about every part of the movie and how it all made sense with the ending. Even small things like the light flickering in the background and the how the housekeeper ate twice as much. Although small and easily looked over it they were nonetheless great easter eggs.

This movie definitely deserved the praise it has received. It was my favorite movie from 2019 and that’s even beating my previous favorite movie of 2019, Joker, which I tried to get all my friends to watch.

If I were to rate this movie out of 10 I’d have to rate it a 9/10. It’s a must-watch and I recommend it for everyone. The only thing that was a deterrent for me before going in was there were subtitles. Although many people don’t like subtitles they weren’t distracting and I don’t remember reading them because the plot was so good.

If you have a Hulu subscription you can currently stream the movie free–if not you can rent the move for $3.99 on Amazon.