1996 graduate Cara Spencer

Cara Spencer (’96)-Alderman and St. Louis mayoral candidate

1996 South graduate Cara Spencer currently serves on the Board of Alderman, representing the 20th Ward of the city. She is also running for mayor of St. Louis in 2021.

Q: What made you want to run for Mayor?

A: “I just love St. Louis! We are at a turning point in the city, and I want to impact it in a collaborative manner.”

Q: How did you become an alderman?

A: “I was elected by the Board of Aldermen in 2015, and then re-elected in 2019. It isn’t something that I really ran for, I was just chosen for it.”

Q: What is the role of an alderman? 

A: “We are part of the city council, so we write and pass all laws, approve appointments, and other roles among the neighborhood, like passing laws that will help roads and parks.”

Q: What jobs have you had that led to the position you are in now? 

A: “I didn’t have a job that led to my position. I studied market analytics in college, so it gave me an advantage when being chosen.”

Q: Did you choose the 20th Ward, or did you get assigned to it?

A: “I got assigned to it. The law is that you have to live in the district that you work in, so I had to work in the 20th Ward.”

Q: Did you take any leadership classes while you were at South?

A: “I was a part of the Debate Club, Student Council, and Diversity Club. I think that all of those clubs really helped me become a good leader.”

Q: Were there any teachers that motivated you to take leadership roles?

A: Dr. Mahaven was very influential, as well as the former principal Gary Mazzola. They both pushed me to be the best student that I could be.”

Q: Is the competition tough for mayor? 

A: “Yes. It is very difficult with everyone running to get the word out and raise money. There are a lot of issues that we have to talk about as potential mayors, and everyone has their own opinion about them.”

Q: How are you going to improve the city of St. Louis if you become mayor?

A: “I would like to transform the city into a more 21st century area . I want to work in a collaborative manner with my peers and really make this city a better place to live and work in!”

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