Catching up with Patriot graduates

In an ongoing project, Treaty and Declaration writers will be contacting various South High alumni to update us on their careers, provide memories of South High, and give advice to South High students.

Keep checking this section as we update it with great interviews with our alumni!


Lawrence Scott (’11)-West Point graduate, former D1 football player, author, motivational speaker
Cara Spencer (’96)-Alderman and St. Louis mayoral candidate
Adam Griesemer (’94)-pediatric liver transplant surgeon at Columbia University
Jordan Reynolds (’07)-Grammy Award-winning songwriter
Doug Barth (’94)-Senior Planning Manager at Weekends Only
Greg “Fossilman” Raymer (’82)-Professional Poker Player, 2004 World Champion
Dane Eckelman (’90)-Paranormal Investigator
Scott Langley (’07)-PGA Tour golfer
Mariam Nawas (’07)-Doctor at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York
Rachel Saltzman (’11)-Pharmacist
Daniel Regan (’08)-Sales Manager for Golf Channel, GolfNow, NBC Sports
Kevin Bateman (’06)–Flight Attendant

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