Kannon Steinmeyer, freshman

How does it feel to have one of the most unique names at South?

¨ It’s pretty sweet, everyone remembers my name.¨


Do you know why you were named Kannon?

¨I think my dad was watching ESPN and he saw a guy named Kannon and he liked the name.¨


Have you ever wanted to change your name?

¨No, not really.¨


Do you wish your name is more common? 

¨No, I like that no one else has it.¨


 Have you met another Kannon?

¨ Yes, but not spelled the way I have it.¨


What’s your favorite thing about your name? 

¨I like that when people are talking about me they know it’s just about me, and there’s not multiple Kannons. They know they are talking about me specifically .¨

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