Patriots continue to pack the stands at hockey games

Games were popular despite lack of team success


Abby Gottfried

Senior Piper Cunningham waits for the puck during a game against Eureka.

This year’s Parkway South club hockey team ended the season with a 3-15-3 record. Despite the lack of success this hockey season, South’s fans don’t fail to fill the stands and cheer on the players. 

Freshman Jose Vazquez said he attends hockey games regularly.

 “It’s extremely fun and exciting. The crowd is wild, pumped, and an excellent Posse to be around. Just the environment to be with…. It’s crazy,” he said. 

Although Vazquez does not watch the Blues or any other hockey teams except for the Parkway South Patriots, he said he loves to go to the games to support his friends and at times, to see fights break out.

“I absolutely love seeing the fights break out in both the crowd and in the rink,” said Vazquez. “It amplifies the crowd extremely.” 

Vazquez is one of the many South hockey fans who love to see when fights occur at the games. 

One of the hockey players that Vazquez enjoys seeing is junior Eli Pott. Pott plays backup goalie and at times 3rd line forward. Vazquez refers to him as “our secret weapon,” for not only does Pott play good, but he also fights back with the opposing team, making the crowd riled up. On the season, Pott has 1 loss, 1 tie and he allowed 11 goals.  

Vazquez believes that most of the people that attend the games, come to both see the fights and watch the players. 

At the end of the day, Vazquez loves to see his friends play and do their best. He cherishes the moments when we win and makes sure to support his friends through it all. 

Freshmen Brendan Foshee and Will Buckley play on the Parkway South club hockey team.

Foshee has been playing hockey since he was 7 years old and Buckley’s been playing since around the age of 4. 

Foshee says he enjoys playing hockey because it’s fast and fun. He enjoys playing at Queeny Park the most because the rink is big and many people attend the games that are held there since it’s close by. Foshee plays forward position. He doesn’t have a goal but does have 2 assists. 

Foshee also has to wake up at around 6 a.m. for his morning practices and he is very tired afterward. 

Foshee, Buckley, and Vazquez all agree that the hockey team should not be school-sponsored, this is because multiple fights break out on the stands and in the rink and if the games were school-sponsored, people would get in trouble causing less attendance at the games. 

Buckley also enjoys seeing the fights, and at times, fighting himself. He likes Maryville as a rink the most because they can refill water tanks at the bench. 

Buckley said the team has to practice late at night because that’s when they can get ice time. Their practices are from 9:10 – 10:10 p.m. 

He says it’s really tiring because he comes home at around 11 p.m. and then needs to take a shower afterward. 

”Our biggest rivalry is Rockwood Summit or Eureka,” said Buckley.

Vazquez said he attending the games with the Posse.

“I absolutely love the Posse being there because it amplifies the players, amplifies the crowd. We’re letting the players know that we are all there, rooting for them. Even at the games that we don’t win, the posse still makes people feel better with their fun energy,” he said. 

Foshee said even the players perform better when the Posse is being rowdy.

“I don’t really like the games when the Posse’s not there; it’s not really fun. They for sure encourage me to play harder,” said Foshee.