You need to avoid watching ‘You’

The Netflix show may be popular, but for all the wrong reasons.

You need to avoid watching 'You'

How more creepy can “You” get? Well, it has been a popular crime thriller since the first day it was released on September 9, 2018. Although, the creepy inner thoughts of a petrifying stalker that intentionally will do whatever it takes to get a woman to fall in love with him is another level of creepy and that is essentially what the show is really all about. 

Season 1 had different plot twists such as Joe (Penn Badgley) murdering and kidnapping different people throughout the season and even killing his love interest Beck (Elizebeth Lail) which everyone essentially thought Joe had found his happy ending which he didn’t. However, season 2 is a different story. Season 2 was released on Dec. 26 and It starts off with Joe moving to LA to run away from his past, wanting to start off fresh and not make any dumb mistakes he caused in the passed. He also changes his name to Will, stealing someone’s identity who Joe kidnapped. He gets a job at a grocery store called the Anavrin. He meets his next love interest named Love (Victoria Pedretti) who is from a very rich family and owns the Anavrin.  Even though he promised himself that he would change, he does what he does best–stalking, kidnapping, and murdering people because he wants Love all to himself and he wants to “get rid of things” that got in the way of his love with her. This season had way more complications than Season 1 and more than one storyline.

The overall sum of Season 2 is that he basically does exactly what he did in Season 1. Joe’s perspective on finding love is the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen on television before. At first, Joe himself is even more difficult to understand in Season 2. Moving to a new city but going back to his old ways and causing a bigger mess was a little confusing to me considering he said he “wanted to change for the better.” Even Love’s character was confusing because two years before she met Joe, she was married and then she falls in love with him after losing someone she loved so much? Although, we shouldn’t trust every character on the show. Even though this show has many weird plotlines, it is still addicting to watch. I was debating whether to watch it or not and when I did, it was hard to turn off the TV. No matter how bad it was and no matter how cringy the show is, I just couldn’t turn it off. I do like some parts of the story like the flashbacks of Joe’s childhood which we can kind of understand why he is the way he is. The cliffhanger at the end and me leaving many questions.  Season 2 was overall very messy but hard not to watch. This season blew up very fast and is renewed for a season 3 that will be coming out sometime in 2021.

I hated the show, but I watched 20 episodes. I couldn’t help myself. It was like a trainwreck–you knew it was going to be bad, but you can’t take your eyes off the screen. I urge anyone reading this to avoid “You.” You won’t be able to stop yourself.