It’s just an exercise bike

People should have better things to do than get outraged over a Christmas ad.


Imagine a world where we have ongoing wars, world hunger, and so many other horrible abuses, that people would fixate their anger and attention to an elliptical bike advertisement. 

Peloton, an exercise equipment company, recently released an advertisement of a husband gifting his wife with a Peloton elliptical bike for Christmas. The wife then records herself using the elliptical bike very often and puts the videos into a compilation to gift back to her husband saying “thank you” to her husband. The end. That’s it, that’s the ad. That is the ad that has drawn all this controversy, but why?

Let’s start with the first ‘problem’ people have in the ad, 


Viewers can see from the ad that the wife is in already fit shape. Woah, I better watch myself, was I just body judging? Nowadays you have to walk on a tightrope on just about everything. The husband is not body shaming his wife. Just because the wife is fit doesn’t mean she can’t continue to work out to keep her body in shape. In the advertisement, there is also a young child; maybe the wife is working from home or doesn’t have a lot of time to go out to the gym so the husband thought he could gift her workout bike she could conveniently use at home? Nah, that makes too much sense, the husband just has to be a sexist! Oh, or maybe since people are drawing background stories, maybe the wife simply asked for the gift? However, crazy people decide to overlook the sane and normal stories and jump to crazy conclusions, that the husband is a body-shaming sexist. 

Let’s take a look at their second crazy point, which is, 

“The wife is looking up and trying to impress her husband” 

Apparently because the wife took time to make a video of how much she enjoys the bike is a screaming reason that showcases the wife looks up to her husband. Let me break this down from a logical standpoint. If someone buys me a $2,000 Christmas gift of anything for Christmas, I’m going to feel forever in debt to them, so of course, I would go out of my way to make-up to them. 

“But she’s looking up to him to see if the video impressed him!” 

Who doesn’t look to see if the gifts they make/buy are appreciated! Last year I bought my sister a $4 scarf from 5 Below, and I still was looking to see if she would like it, so there’s nothing wrong with the wife looking up at her husband to see if he enjoys the video she worked hard on. 

As ridiculous as the accusations are that the husband is a sexist, they have actually affected the actor’s career in REAL LIFE. Many companies are now refusing to hire the actor because of the delusional people that say he is a sexist. Imagine appearing in a commercial, not saying anything in the ad, then being accused of being a sexist and see your acting career take a flip. 

The Peloton ad has attracted the attention of crazy people believing it portrays a sexist husband. It is an ad trying to sell a bike. The ad is not trying to advocate sexism. The husband is buying his wife a Christmas gift which, more than likely she had asked for, and the wife is trying to impress her husband because she had received a $2,000 gift, which I think most people would try to do the same. Nevermind how ridiculous the statements are about the commercial, it’s also affected the husband’s career, who is actually only acting as a husband, if you didn’t know!